10 Bride Hairstyles to Rock Your Wedding

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Among the many choices as you prepare for your big day is what should you do with your hair?  Do you wear it up or down?  Straight or curly?  

Perhaps temperature or dress dictate the style you choose, as well as your hair type.  To help you out, we’ve made a list of some popular styles.  

One of them is bound to suit your needs or at least get you headed off in the right direction.  

Each is followed by a link to a handy YouTube tutorial for you or your stylist to use in creating any of these special looks.

1. The Classic Up Do

Best with long or medium hair, this tried and true style is the perfect blend of a sleek upsweep and beautiful curls swept up to show off the neck and back.

How to get this look.

1_The Classic Updo

2. Tying the Knot

Best for longer hair, this smooth, simple knot is designed to complement any style dress with absolute elegance.

How to get this look.

2_Tying The Knot

3. DIY Long Curls

For long hair, these gorgeous, long curls are a beautiful accent to your wedding gown.  Best of all, you can do them at home or enlist the help of a friend, saving time and money.  

How to get this look.

3_DIY Long Curls

4. Braided Elegance

Best for long hair, this fantastic up do combines the sleek beauty of a braid with a low knot at the nape of the neck for utter perfection on your big day.

How to get this look.

4_Braided Elegance

5. Romantic Tresses

Fairy tale weddings deserve a fairy tale hairstyle.  This fantastic part up, part down hairstyle is designed to wow.  Add a bit of bling for a shimmering finish.

How to get this look.

5_Romantic Tresses

6. Short and Sweet

If you have shorter hair, but still want the look of a full, curly do for your wedding, consider this sweet little hairstyle involving a bit of magic with pins and curls.

How to get this look.

6_Short and Sweet

7. “Whispful” Thinking

Add a bit of colour with a playful little do for short hair pinned into neat curls and accented with a ribbon or hair band to match your wedding’s signature colours.

How to get this look.

7_Whispul Thinking

8. Beautiful Buns

Everything will come up roses with this intricate bun designed for a truly glamorous look.  Wear it plain with eye catching jewellery or dress it up with pearls or flowers without the heavier accessories.

How to get this look.

8_Beautiful Buns

9. Simply Straight

Finer, straight hair will look stunning in this simple loose fish tail braid dressed up with dots of shiny bobbles to offset your dress.  Best of all, you can do it yourself with only minimal effort that will look as if you spent hours in the salon.

How to get this look.

9_Simply Straight

10. The Low Down

This loose knot is a spectacular blend of class and simplicity.  Wear it spun up into this lovely neck flattering hairstyle during the wedding and shake few selected tendrils around the face for a softer look as you begin that well-deserved honeymoon.

How to get this look.

10_The Low Down

By Amy Naves, Excalibur Press

NW Brides Edition 10