10 Common Wedding Day Blunders— And How to Avoid Them

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Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, but it can also be a stressful one. You want everything to go right so badly that in your desire to achieve this you can end up making some blunders. The good news is, you don’t have to make the same slip-ups others have on their wedding day by checking our list of 10 wedding day howlers below:

1. Blowing the whole clothing budget on your dress.

If you’ve set aside £2,000 for a dress, don’t spend the whole amount on just the dress. You need to think about accessories, shoes, jewellery, undergarments and the veil. Include a budget for your dress within the overall budget and keep the rest for the remaining items of clothing.

2. Not matching your bouquet to your dress.

You don’t want your bouquet to be so heavy and awkward that it ends up covering most of your dress and being difficult to clutch. When arranging your bouquet, take a picture of your dress to the florist so that they can find the right bouquet to go with it.

3. Leaving large gaps between the ceremony and the reception.

If the gap between the ceremony and the wedding reception is too long, guests will be standing around, twiddling their thumbs. Try to minimise the gap between the two key parts of the celebration. Organise some entertainment or set up a drinks lounge while you get your photos taken.

4. Not feeding service providers.

Some of your service providers will be with you the whole day, so you should make sure you feed them. This means the wedding planner, the photographer, the videographer and the DJ or band. You don’t want these people making mistakes because they have too little energy to do their jobs properly. Include meals for them in your budget.

5. Placing all your single friends on one table.

Weddings are a terrific place to meet new people. There’s no denying that and you might feel tempted to do some matchmaking. But don’t just plonk all your single friends down on the same table and make them get on with it. Instead, seat any single friends according to their interests or other things they may have in common with other guests.

6. Asking family to do the catering.

Believe it or not, some people ask their relatives to do the catering, simply because they’re good in the kitchen at home. Cooking for your family and cooking for a wedding, however, are very different. Leave the catering to a professional caterer, who will have the experience and the resources to provide adequately for the entire celebration.

7. Not hiring a videographer.

Some people try to save themselves money by not hiring a videographer and ask their friends to document the day instead. The results aren’t nearly as good. They may even miss parts of the day. Don’t skimp on the videographer. That goes for the photography, too.

8. Speeding through photos.

You don’t want to be hassling and hurrying the photographer through your portrait session. This is an important part of the wedding photography and any less than an hour is too little. An hour and a half is the ideal duration for the session, so factor this into your preparation time on the day.

9. Forgetting to eat.

Of course, weddings are a busy day for everybody, but you still must find time to eat, so arrange food for yourself and the bridal party, especially if you’re not getting ready in your own home. Don’t make it a case of just nibbles either. The food should give you plenty of sustenance so that neither you, nor your crew, are feeling faint or lightheaded during the ceremony or leading up to it.

10. Not considering your guests.

Some couples get so lost in the excitement of it all — or maybe they just don’t think — and spend the whole day with the wedding party. It can leave guests — who have spent time, effort and expense to be there to celebrate with you — feeling frustrated. Step away from the wedding party to chat to them. Do a few wedding favours. Get them involved.

Weddings take a lot of planning and preparation, but follow these tips to avoid making some major gaffes. They’ll help you to keep the wedding running smoothly and allow you and your guests to all enjoy the day, creating amazing memories.