10 Different Ideas For Wedding Entertainment

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You’ve got the flowers ordered, the makeup and hair booked, and you’ve said yes to the dress, but have you figured out what entertainment you’re going to have yet? DJs are pretty standard at wedding receptions, but sometimes it’s nice to have an alternative or complementary form of entertainment in addition to the tunes.

Here are 10 ideas for wedding entertainment to get you thinking:

1. Book a Band

If you prefer live music, why not book a band for the reception? Some people even have both a band and a DJ set. There are so many fantastic live bands to choose from that you’re sure to find one everyone will love.

2. Book a Tribute Act

Keep your guests highly entertained with a tribute performance of one of your favourite acts. If you love it, it’s sure to go down a treat with your guests.

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3. Book an Acoustic Artist

Have you noticed loads of venues now have an acoustic performer in the corner of the restaurant or outside in the beer garden? These artists create atmosphere, and usually inspire a sing-along as the evening progresses! Great to keep guests entertained while you’re off getting photos taken.

4. Hire a Photo Booth

Photo booths seem to have really caught on, and everyone loves dressing up to take funny Polaroid shots. These are not only entertaining, but will serve as a keepsake of the big day. You can also use them as an alternative to a guest book.

5. Hire a Magician

We never lose our love for magic, even when we’re forced to grow up! Keep all of your guests entertained with a post-meal magician act. Fun for all the family.

6. Hire Singing Waiters

For unexpected entertainment, you should consider hiring singing waiters. Their performance takes place at the start of the meal, and will add to the joy of the day.

7. Have a Flash Mob

If you have a fun-loving family who would be up for participating in the entertainment instead of just watching it, consider organising a flash mob. There are loads of fantastic YouTube videos out there for inspiration, here’s one of our favourites:

8. Hire a Nanny Wedding Service

If you have a lot of young children in the family and you don’t want them to miss out on the wedding day, it might be an idea to hire a wedding nanny service. Options range from a full day-care style service, to short-duration entertainment such as a movie screening or puppet show – enough to keep the young ones entertained for a while so mum and dad can relax and enjoy the celebrations.

9. Go For Something Different

This guy requires a category all of his own. Fiddler Adam can sing, dance, and play a musical instrument, often simultaneously.

10. Don’t Forget the Fireworks

A lot of venues offer fireworks to round off the evening, which will not only set your big day off with a bang but will make for some very lovely photos. Check with your venue to see if fireworks are available, often at a very reasonable cost.

By Rachel Doherty