10 Fun Ideas for Your ‘Something Old, Something New’

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‘Something Old, Something New’ is an age-old tradition when it comes to weddings. We’ve used everything from garters to grandma’s garnets and new shoes to just about everything ‘his and hers’. And while there’s nothing wrong with keeping up the tradition, why not be a little, or a lot, more creative and bring a fun element to this part of the planning for your own wedding?

Here are Ten ‘Something Old, Something New’ ideas that just might convince and inspire you:

1. A bouquet with a difference? Remember that very first text or chat message your beloved sent you? A cheesy chat up line, a drunken declaration of undying love, or just something that just made you laugh out loud. Why not write it out on a piece of wedding stationary and tuck it into your bouquet to have a giggle over later?

2. Instead of your mother’s, or grandmother’s, ‘Something Old’ how about using their ‘Something New’ – which is likely decades old and now vastly unfashionable, unless it’s fashionably vintage of course. If it’s something small you can always tuck it somewhere beneath your dress to save embarrassment!

3. Have a favourite pair of old comfy shoes? How about slipping them on beneath your wedding gown after the formalities and amuse your guests with a glimpse of them on the dancefloor?

4. Hasn’t everybody committed a fashion crime at one stage or another in their lives, be it a bad hair-do or an item of clothing, and have evidence to prove it? Tuck a photo of your ‘crime’ into your garter. If nothing else it will make you glad you didn’t make the same mistake with your dress!

5. If a cheeky take on chastity is more your thing then an old padlock, small enough to tuck into your gown, and saved for later would be fun.

6. Something New? Well if the padlock idea tickles you then a brand new key, hanging from your bouquet or presented to your groom on the day is surely a must.

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7. Virtually all brides splash out on new lingerie to wear beneath their wedding dress, but how about buying some fun character undies instead of the tradition silk and lace? Or have a cheeky messaged printed onto them? A pair of playful panties don’t have to be a passion killer if your groom has a good sense of humour.

8. Who says you have to wear your ‘Something New’? If you want to create a little giggle of your own at the speeches then you can always reverse the old ‘kitchen sink’ joke by purchasing and presenting a new apron to your groom to remind him of his duties as a modern husband.

9. Good with words? How about a tongue-in-cheek declaration of your expectations as a wife now that the deed is done? He can hardly back out now he’s put a ring on it, can he?

10. Want to take it a step further? Write out a contract and buy a giant-sized pencil for him to sign it with.

As for ‘Something Borrowed, Something Blue’ well, you get the idea… Have fun!

By Linda Browne, Excalibur Press