10 Fun Ways to Entertain Children At Your Wedding

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Following on from our recent poll on whether or not to invite children to your wedding, 67% of you said Yes and 33% of you said No!

If you decide you do want to invite children, then you need to factor in how you plan to entertain them.

As a parent myself, I usually go to events prepared with activity packs to keep my children out of trouble.  Most parents I know do this, but there’s only so much time their familiar belongings will buy you!

Believe me there is nothing worse than a bored child!  It’s when they are bored that the saying “the devil makes work for idle hands” becomes all too real.

So if you want to help to avoid tantrums due to restless, hungry and overtired kids and ensure that parental stress levels remain low, then you may find these ideas more than helpful.

Child's Wedding Activity Box by YoYo-Me available on

Child’s Wedding Activity Box by YoYo-Me available on

ACTIVITY KITS –  Whether you go DIY or ready prepared you can never go far wrong with an activity kit.  Kids love getting presents and this will be right up their street.

DISPOSABLE CAMERAS – Enlist them to play “I Spy.”  Give them a list of things they have to take photos of and let them work away.

PHOTO BOOTH – Set up a kids only booth with loads of funny face bits and bobs, make sure there is a mirror near by.  They’ll spend ages making faces.

Photobooth props on eBay

Photobooth props on eBay

BUBBLE STATION – Depending on the weather and time of year, if you are lucky enough to get outside for any length of time set up a bubble station.  Long after the kids have grown tired of this the bigger kids will no doubt dabble!

GAMES – Stock one table or area with classic board games.  Connect4, Snakes & Ladders, Hungry Hippo and Ludo are firm favourites.  You could even consider an area for computer games like Guitar Hero and Just Dance.

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GLOW CRAZY – Set up a glow stick station and let the kids go mad.  Particularly good when the music starts in the evening.  They’ll have hours of glowing fun!  You can pick up glow packs on ebay for as little as £6.99

COLOUR STATION – set up a table with a paper table cloth and crayons, plenty of crayons.  Let them work away at decorating the table.  Have a few paper tablecloths to hand in order to provide a blank canvas every so often.

KIDS CENTREPIECE -Wherever you have kids be sure to have a centrepiece that will entertain them when it’s needed.  A bowl full of Lego would be ideal as it will keep their minds and hands busy.

KIDS ONLY DANCE SET – Children are pretty receptive to most music but make them feel important by scheduling a kids only dance slot.

OPEN BAR – Have a child friendly open bar complete with drinks and snacks.  Ok so the sugar may make them go a tad crazy but it will keep them happy.  You could serve child friendly drinks for the toasts in plastic glasses.

kid food bar