10 Important Jobs That Are Perfect for the Mother of the Bride

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Weddings are exciting. Everyone wants to get involved and you want to involve them but might not know how. One important person to assign jobs to is the mother of the bride — and you want to designate tasks that are right for her.

Not sure which ones? Here are 10 ways that she can help you both:

1. Word the invitations

The mother of the bride’s name will be on the invitations, so it would be in your interest to let her check the wording, especially if she is no longer married. She’ll be able to suggest nice ways to word your invitations, as well as make recommendations on the invitation designs.

2. Trim down the guest list

When you budget isn’t big enough or your venue doesn’t have the space for you to invite everyone you’d like to, never underestimate the practicality of the mother of the bride. She’ll be able to help you trim down the guest list and will find practical reasons to score out someone’s name on the list. She’ll also be able to find a tactful way of dealing with friends or family who didn’t receive an invitation.

3. Liaise with the mother of the groom

It’s good etiquette for the mother of the bride to work together with the mother of the groom. Besides, it’s traditional for the mother of the bride to choose her outfit and hat first and then inform the mother of the groom. This avoids any outfit gaffes or clashes on the day.

4. Be a contact person for the suppliers

The bride already has a lot on her plate with finding a wedding dress, as well as playing her part in all the organisational side of things. Since there’s a whole load of jobs to do but just the two of you to plan and organise it all, the mother of the bride is a handy (extra) support person to have by your side and work with suppliers and service providers.

5. Find family heirlooms

The tradition is for the bride to wear “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.” It’s the job of the mother of the bride to research any family traditions and find heirlooms so that the bride can observe this tradition.

mother of the bride

6. Assisting the bride with her dress

This is one of the most pleasant jobs of the whole wedding experience, from checking out dresses with the bride and advising her on what suits her best, to helping the bride slip into her dress and pull over the veil. The mother of the bride should also help her to stay calm and make sure she eats something on the day.

7. Keep the bridesmaids in line

Weddings are an emotional time and sometimes tensions can run high between the different organising parties or get a bit mischievous between bridesmaids. If disagreements break out or the bridesmaids are starting to get out of line, the mother of the bride can — and likely will — step in. She certainly won’t put up with any behaviour that could mar her daughter’s big day.

8. Be the hostess

The day might belong to the bride and groom, but the mother of the bride should be there to greet guests when they arrive and when they make their merry way home. She could even host a dinner party for the groom’s family or some afternoon tea for the ladies of the two families.

9. Look after the gifts

Of course, guests will arrive bringing gifts. The mother of the bride can collect the gifts and take care to store them away somewhere safe and secure for the happy couple to enjoy later.

10. Collect the cake

When the happy couple have cut the cake and the reception has ended, it’s up to the mother of the bride to collect the cake. They should arrange to do this with the venue.

You can always count on the mother of the bride to deliver. Leave these jobs in her capable hands takes a whole weight off your mind while, at the same time, she makes a solid contribution to the success of the day.

By Peter Jenkins