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10 of our favourite cakes

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Your wedding cake provides an ideal opportunity to continue your wedding theme, whether you incorporate your colours or keep it neutral there are countless options available. Here are 10 of our favourites.

Contrasting Colours



This cake is vibrant, strong colour teamed with white to create a beautiful contrast. The simple white beaded effect with delicate sugar paste flowers creates stunning detailing.

Tea Cup Tower

Brides love affair with all things vintage can be beautifully illustrated with this amazing cake. This ‘afternoon tea’ theme adds a little more character  to the usual cupcake option. A vintage tower is created by putting the cupcakes inside delicate teacups and combining lots of different bun casing and decorations.

Bright Idea

Bright, vibrant icing can completely change the look of a cake. No one will pass this Indian themed cake without taking a second look. The pink, orange and blue are tied together with gold layers and trimmings.

Elegant Simplicity

Elegant and striking this cake uses minimum colours but creates its beauty through the delicate sugar paste flowers.

Size Variation

The different sized layering and height of this cake creates a variation from the usual visual lines of a wedding cake. You can create this cake for cheaper than you think as every layer does not have to be edible. Styrofoam covered in icing can have the same look however will be cheaper (and easier) to create.

Presents for the Bride and Groom

Your wedding is a celebration so why not have your cake reflect this? Creating simple and elegant wedding presents stacked on top of each other is a great and definitely different style to consider.

Cake Pops

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Cake pops are a brilliant way to keep costs down. These pops are decorated to look like a bride and groom. Have enough for each of your guests and a small cake to center for cutting.

Dessert or Cake?

 If you are not a fan of sponge cakes why not try to incorporate your favorite dessert? This French wedding cake is made of a stack of profiteroles with fruit and sugar-spun ribbons for decoration.

Bird Cage

We love vintage..and what better way to show it than with a birdcage? This cake is simple but beautiful and can be changed to incorporate the colours you want.

Macaroon Cake

This cake is definitely something out of the ordinary and with create a real talking point at your wedding reception, not to mention a fabulous photo opportunity. White macaroons filled with the colors from your wedding and some matching flowers and ribbon can create a beautiful cake to be easily shared out with your guests.

(Photos from pininterest – check out our pinterest ‘cakes’ board for more photos