10 Original Gifts For Groomsmen

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It’s a fact, bridesmaids tend to be easier to buy for than groomsmen. But you can’t forget the guys who stood by your side along the way to wedded life! Here are some original gift ideas that will impress the lads.

1. Find a Way

Are your groomsmen the outdoorsy type? If so, they will appreciate the unique gift of a classically styled compass with their name or monogram etched onto the case. Not only is it stylish, but they’ll appreciate your efforts in making sure they never lose their way.


2. Set Them Up

You can’t go wrong with a nice decanter set. There are so many styles to choose from out there, that you’re bound to find one that is unique to each of your groomsmen. Whether he prefers stylish glass or sci-fi favorites like Star Wars, there is no doubt he’ll appreciate a nice decanter and matching glasses for himself and his guests at home.


3. Drinks On The Newlyweds

Alcohol may not sound very original as a gift for a man, but it can be. Choose a rare wine or vintage year of scotch. How about something in a cool collector’s bottle or an import he can’t get at home? Perhaps you rather buy him a membership to a craft brew club in the area? Whatever you choose, we know he’ll appreciate it as much as you have valued his help.


4. Where There’s Smoke

Is your groomsman a smoker? If so, he’ll cherish the gift of a nice box of cigars and perhaps a monogrammed cigar cutter. Even if he is not a smoker, consider an empty, but personalized, wooden cigar box he can use to store personal items or just display on his desk or shelf. Either way, you’ll make an impression with your expression of gratitude.


5. Keep It Smooth

Even if you have all bearded groomsmen, they are bound to shave something. Perhaps it is just a matter of keeping it neat or maybe they shave their head (or their legs – we don’t judge.) Whatever the case, your groomsmen are bound to love the gift of a quality shave kit containing items such as bowl, brush, soap and lotions.


6. Show Me the Money!

No, we aren’t suggesting cash, but we do think they might need something to keep their cash under control. Consider a nice money clip with their name or initials etched into it. It’s a simple gesture that they can appreciate, especially when it comes to keeping their money together in one place.


7. Leather And Letters

You can’t go wrong with a quality leather journal for your groomsmen. Whether you have it personalized or just go with something stylish, there are a lot of styles out there to choose from. Select one with refillable pages to make it last a lifetime.


8. We’ve Got the Ticket

Are your groomsmen sports nuts? Do they enjoy golf? Perhaps they are more the theatre or concert type. Whatever the answer, you can be sure they’ll be delighted with tickets to that “thing” that they love. Buy them a box seat for their favourite hockey team’s biggest game or get them tickets to their favorite band’s next gig. Maybe they prefer something a bit more outdoorsy. Get them a ticket to the closest theme or adventure park.


9. Feed Them

They need to eat, right? Try a gift certificate to their favourite restaurant or a group night out where you treat them to a grand meal. You might even consider ordering specialty foods to present to them or have delivered to their homes. Gourmet beef jerky or a membership to a monthly food club that will send them something special each month are just a couple of ideas


10. Go Quirky

How about one of those items that no one will ever buy for themselves, but will love getting as a gift? That’s right. Get them all a medieval style drinking horn for their man cave and let them drink their ale like a king! It’s fun, it’s fantastic, it’s funky. What’s not to love about that?


By Amy Naves, Excalibur Press

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