10 Special Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable for Your Guests

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Your wedding is about you and your partner celebrating your love. However, it’s also about the people you both love being with you on the happiest day of your life, so you should make every effort to acknowledge your guests and make the day as special for them as it is for you. Follow these 10 suggestions so that they’ll remember the day with extra fondness in years to come:

1. Spare awkward silences and introduce everyone beforehand.

Nobody likes arriving at a party and finding they don’t know anyone there. Send out a group email that introduces your guests to each other a few weeks before the wedding. Better still, why not get guests together and have a few drinks?

2. Organise some cocktails before the ceremony.

Depending on where you’re holding your wedding, you could arrange some refreshing cocktails before the ceremony. Your guests won’t be expecting drinks until the reception and, on a hot day, the extra refreshments will be welcome.

3. Add a ‘thank you’ note to your wedding programme.

The wedding programme is an ideal place to show your appreciation. Take the opportunity to thank your guests by adding a little note on the first or last page of the programme. If you’re not issuing a wedding programme, place a note on your guests’ tables at the reception instead.

4. Display a few pictures.

During the wedding reception, display some photos of all your different guests (hopefully, they won’t object), using a projector. It’s a nice touch, there’ll be some amusing moments and it will be a good icebreaker if there are any guests who don’t know each other.

5. Do the rounds.

Don’t get so caught up in the celebration that you forget your guests are even there. Take the time during the celebrations to step away from the main wedding party and chat to your guests. This could be tricky at larger weddings, but try to speak to as many people as you can and enjoy yourself at the same time.

6. Make a toast to your guests.

A toast to your guests is a terrific way to display your gratitude to them, so prepare a short speech and tell them what they mean to you. Include some special mentions to the maid of honour, the best man or your parents if you wish, who are likely to have been a major help in the wedding preparations.

7. Hire a video booth.

Photo booths are all the rage at weddings and parties, but you can add an extra twist and hire a video confessional-style booth instead. There guests can record a short on-screen message. Ask the videographer to edit the best clips into your wedding video.

8. Involve your guests in the playlist.

Not sure exactly what will get your guests up and jiving? As well as playing your favourite songs, you can ask your guests about their music tastes and favourite tunes, and then incorporate some of their suggestions into the playlist.

9. Provide wedding favours.

It’s always nice to reward your wedding guests with some little gifts to take home with them or enjoy during the day. These could be a mini-box of handmade chocolates or other sweets, such as handmade cookies or even a mini bottle of champagne. Think about the tastes of your guests and consider personalising the gifts.

10. Organise some transport.

Organising transport for guests to attend the wedding and get home safely is a fabulous way to show your appreciation. You can set up a minibus for guests who live far away from the venue. If you can’t afford the transport bill, make sure your wedding venue has good links to public transportation and appoint a person who can flag down or book taxis for guests.

It’s important to acknowledge your guests and make the day memorable for them. The better the time they have, the better time you’ll have, too, and you will look forward to swapping stories of the day with them in later years.