10 Things Every Wedding Guest Should Avoid

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Being a guest at a wedding obviously has its benefits – the food, the after party, the chance to celebrate a special union of two people. It’s also quite an honour to be asked to be a part of someone’s special day, so the last thing you want to do is mess it up.

Chances are, nerves will be running high prior to the afters event, and anything could happen. What the bride and groom do NOT need right now is a wedding guest who makes all the wrong moves.

But fear not, we have broken down the 10 things every wedding guest should avoid to have a great time and escape any dramas.

1. Stealing The Limelight

Brides, particularly, hate having their thunder stolen. This includes being too loud, starting conflicts and wearing an inappropriately wacky outfit, among others.

Of course, good humour and celebration is expected at most weddings, but try to let the bride and groom take centre stage. (You may want to hold back those 80’s robot moves until after their first dance!)

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2. Not Getting Involved

On the other hand, miserable guests who refuse to get involved in the fun are also a wedding no-no.

You may have better places to be, or you may simply not be having a good time, but remember that it’s important for the bride and groom that everyone joins in to some degree.

So, forget about moping by the bar, get up and talk to the other guests, congratulate the newlyweds, or even catch the bouquet!

3. Having One Too Many

Many of us look forward to a few drinks at a wedding. It livens up the party and lets people relax. But going overboard can lead to embarrassment for all parties involved.

No one wants to be told they had to be carried home to bed by 10pm after one too many Proseccos. Don’t be that guest!

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4. Bringing Up The Past

If you are going to be meeting family or friends at a wedding with whom you have some previous conflict, avoid bringing up the past at all costs.

Keep things civil and simple, or you may risk an atmosphere that ruins the celebrations.

5. Judging The Food

Judging the choice of catering at a wedding is distasteful (for want of a better word). Chances are it cost a small fortune, not to mention it’s free, so suck it up and try not to criticize – it only makes you look ungrateful.

Plus, if it’s that awful, there’s always McDonald’s on the way home.


6…Or The Venue

Wedding venues are always pricey, and often personal to the bride and groom. Avoid judging and embrace their choices. It’s their day and they will wed in a field if they want to!

7. Commenting On The Bride/Groom’s Choice Of Partner (especially to their mother!)

This is always a bad idea. Even if you loathe the bride/groom’s choice of partner, this is not the time to announce it.

Save your thoughts for in-private, and preferably prior to the day, if you are close to the soon-to-be-wed and feel you must say something. Just tread carefully.

8. Wearing White

Considered a cardinal sin by most brides, wearing white will quickly place you in the “Terrible Guest” category.

There is a rainbow of colours to choose from when it comes to picking your outfit, and white is not a favourable one!

9. Talking About Your Own Wedding

For the bride and groom, this is most likely a day they have been excited about for a long time. It is new and special, and the last thing they want to hear is people talking about having “been there, done that”.

It’s great that you had a string quartet at your nuptials in 1995, but we don’t need to hear about it right now.

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10. Trying To Set Up Your Single Friends

Generally, single people are a vulnerable group at weddings, particularly if they are over 30. Pressuring them with comments about “settling down” and “finding the one” can be infuriating.

Also, if the set-up fails, you will be blamed! Avoid marrying off your single friends and allow things to happen naturally.

By Abby Williams, Excalibur Press

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