10 Things Guests Should Never Do At A Wedding

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While there are no official rules as to what you can and can’t do at someone’s wedding, as a guest there are a few things that are commonly accepted as being, well, unacceptable. Being mindful of this will help you to steer clear of any unnecessary dramas and remembering the day for all the wrong reasons!

Here are 10 things guests should avoid at a wedding:

1. Upstaging the couple

Someone else’s wedding is not the place to announce your baby news or huge work success, as it may take away from the couple’s own celebrations. They’ve probably spent a lot of time and money preparing for this, so let the spotlight stay on them for the day.

2. Dressing last minute

It’s best not to leave your outfit to the last minute as it’s likely to show. Take your time and look your best, it’s only respectful.

3. Changing guest plan last minute

Things can happen, life isn’t scripted – childcare lets you down, a friend wants to come instead, etc. But you should have a policy of giving at least 4 weeks notice before making changes to the agreed guest plan.

4. Getting too drunk

It’s alright in the name of fun and banter, but when the person is so intoxicated he becomes a nuisance then the line has been crossed.


5. Bringing up problems

Leave personal issues or disputes for another day. Now is not the time for hostility or bringing up anything that might cause conflict.

6. Letting your children disrupt the wedding

Breaking things, spilling drinks or having a temper tantrum…kids can’t always be controlled but, if possible, try to keep them from disrupting the proceedings.

7. Posting photos of the wedding before or without the permission of the bride/groom

This can be very upsetting to the newlywed couple, who will want to share the first photos of their day on their terms. If you’re unsure, ask them directly.

8. Feeling obliged to attend even if really sick

If you’re very sick, you may risk spreading it to a large number of guests. If you don’t feel well enough, send your apologies and skip it.

9. Openly criticising aspects of the wedding

This will only cause unnecessary tension. It’s best to keep your own judgements to yourself and let the bride and groom enjoy their wedding as they see fit.

10. Discussing the couples past (if not complimenting their current relationship)

Bringing up sordid details of the past is inappropriate and will likely create a lot of discomfort for those involved. Keep your comments positive and encouraging, or simply don’t say anything at all.