10 Things To Help You Be An Awesome Bridesmaid

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Being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility and it’s not always the easiest job to do.

There are some things the bride needs you to tell her and others that…well…you should simply suck it up and get on with things.

Here are 10 things that will help you be an awesome bridesmaid:

1. Brave Face

Even if the bride has hand-picked bespoke orange taffeta dresses try to put a brave face on the sartorial choice and go with it.
Fitting into the bride’s stylistic vision on her big day is the true measure of a dedicated bridesmaid. So electric blue satin or even sequinned jumpsuits, if the bride decrees this is her choice try to find a way to wear even the most garish disaster with good grace.

2. Champion Hen

Be generous in planning a hen do that will appeal to the bride and make sure it encompasses the kind of things you know she most enjoys.
If she wants L-plates, a tiara and a wand you should oblige right down to ordering a male stripper or kissogram. Your job as a bridesmaid is to help the bride transition through her whole bridal experience happily.

3. Be On Call

On the day make it absolutely your business to check the tail of her dress and the positioning of her veil and keep flower girls and page boys in line. If you are one of several bridesmaids make a priority of developing camaraderie with your fellow maids so that you are all united in helping the bride have the best possible wedding day.

4. Be Courteous

Don’t throw a strop if your friend asks you to wear your hair in a sort of Victorian style chignon you feel plays to your least best features. When you are a bride you can dictate the aesthetic but the role of a bridesmaid is to fall in line with your friends wishes even down to her influence on your hair and beauty choices on the day. In the nicest possible way grin and bear it for the greater good.

5. Be Honest

Don’t feel you cannot express any opinions while the bride is deciding on her chosen sartorial vision. At the planning stage offer your views on what will or will not work and what you think will work best for you and your fellow maids – just be prepared to be overruled and defer to the bride so that she can have the wedding she most dreams of.

6. Everything In Moderation

Don’t get drunk early in the day and proceed to get off with the best man at the reception without any thought for decorum. Bridesmaids are there to facilitate and help the bride throughout her big day.
Turning lairy at the reception and immediately snogging the face off a groomsman is just not polite or lady-like wedding etiquette.

7. Prepare Financially

Be generous with cash in planning the hen-do, all other get-togethers and in contributing to purchasing your own outfit and a wedding gift for the bride and groom. Weddings are expensive but as someone asked to play an important role in the bride’s big moment being stingy with cash is not the true spirit of a devoted bridesmaid. One day your friend will be returning the favour.

8. Deliver The Dream

Make sure you help the bride in locating something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue even if you have to rush out and buy a blue garter in a panic at the last minute to make sure the time-honoured criteria is met. Again, one day you will want someone to run around like a headless chicken trying to help make your dream wedding a reality.

9. A Little Decorum

Do not push anyone else out of the way in a rugby tackle-like move while trying to catch the bride’s bouquet. The very idea that you’ll get hitched next by catching it is total bunkum anyway and a desperate lunge at a falling bouquet is just not dignified.

10. Bring A Survival Kit

Remember to carry tissues in case the bride needs your help in an emotional moment when her mascara is ruined by tears. Also carry some Rescue Remedy in case the bride is overcome by nerves and extra make-up in case she needs a make-up retouch after exchanging her vows or while letting loose on the dancefloor.

Bridesmaids are there to ensure the bride is well looked after and truly dedicated maids make all the difference in making a dream wedding become a reality. Don’t forget your role is a vital one handed down by the tradition of generations.