10 Tips For Creating A Wedding Day Timeline

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Just as you start glowing with the bliss of having fixed the day to say the vows, you are also dealing with the pressure of crafting an accurate wedding day timeline. You don’t want to get caught up in chaos on the day you should be oozing freshness and beauty.

Imagine your vendor’s time not aligning with the time of the venue, or the photographer not making it for 12pm as arranged. Having the important parts of the day scheduled for the right times is essential for the smooth running of things. But where to begin?

Here are 10 tips to help you plan your wedding day timeline:

1. Cushion your timeline

There is every kind of possibility you may encounter some last moment delays. Keep your timeline ready to handle this. Tightly planned timelines are prone to the domino effect – if one activity goes slightly off the charts, all the others fall along with it. So keep as much space between essential activities as possible, and be prepared to be flexible.

2. Set your priorities

It’s important to set priorities right before you get into planning mode. Your nuptials are the most beautiful occasion of your life, so take time to think about exactly what you want. Do not risk losing your dream wedding moments because you were busy satisfying the expectations of a traditional wedding or the guests. For instance, if the toasts from family and friends matter to the both of you, make sure you allot a decent time slot to this activity.

3. Timeline for vendors

The caterers, musicians and photographers form an integral part of your wedding day timeline. They need an extra 3 hour window to set up and install at the venue. Check with the venue which times have been allotted to your wedding – if your ceremony begins at 2pm, the vendors will need to start setting up at at least 12pm.

wedding day timeline

4. Allot plenty of time for hair and make up

Just like a prep time for the vendors, the brides make-up and dressing time needs to be given ample space in the charts. Also, if the bridesmaids are getting ready at the same time, the whole process could take up to 2 hours or more. The bride alone could take up to 90 minutes, with hair, dress and makeup prep, so it’s better to make this as early as possible.

5. Plan your reception well

Toasts, drinking and dancing are some of the best parts of the wedding. As much as everyone might want to enjoy an extra dance, you really need to assign a specific time for this part of the celebration. People tend to get carried away, which sets a chain of delays in motion. The chattier guests might want to share the experiences a little more in detail, and why not? It is understandable that you want to have a good time and might not want to rush things. If this is important to you, be prepared for the extra sum of money the venue and the late night photography might cost.

6. Receiving lines

If your wedding includes a receiving line ceremony, account for the time that it will take to get through this. A receiving line of around a 150 guests on average takes about 20 minutes to get through.

7. Transportation

Is your reception venue far from the place you are going to say the vows at? Then maybe you need to have transport options available for the guests. This may take extra time, so be sure to factor in waiting times and traffic.

8. Bring in an expert opinion

A perfect wedding agenda may need the touch of an expert, such as a wedding planner. You might not hire a full time event manager for the whole wedding, but meeting up with a pro could save you a lot of hassle.

9. Discuss the plan with everyone invloved

Your wedding day agenda is also a plan for your caters, musicians and makeup artists, and transparency will help avoid any last minute chaos. Print the timeline and distribute it to everyone once timings have all been agreed upon.

10. Eat well

Amidst all this do not forget to eat and stay hydrated. The bride and the groom often tend to miss out on their share of a few bites of the delicious wedding nosh as they are quite overwhelmed with all the attention, along with general wedding day nerves. It’s your day, so make a point of enjoying it to the full.

By Vishnu Kumar