10 Top Tips To Ensure You Have The Honeymoon Of Your Dreams

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After the big day comes the great escape that is your honeymoon, the first time you and your better half will have to really unwind and relax after all the high emotion of your big day.

You want to visit an interesting location, catch some sunshine and enjoy the beginning of your married life in style and comfort.

The best honeymoons are those that complement both your interests and incorporate quality couple time in a dream destination you’ve always wanted to visit.

Here are our top tips for a truly spectacular honeymoon:

1. Be original
Honeymoons don’t absolutely have to mean you and your better half lying on a beach in the Tropics unless that’s what you both desire. But if beaches and endless sun worship are not your thing you and your spouse should think of a destination that will give you lots to see and do besides lazing about in the sand.

You might want to plan a city break, visit a wine tasting destination or go to a jungle with adventurous activities – the choice is yours. Sunbathing in St Lucia or exploring the cobbled streets of Rome – every couple will have their own idea of honeymoon bliss.

2. Consider time
If you have a limited amount of time for your honeymoon it’s best not to fly half-way around the world only to be jetlagged and stressed trying to see as much of your chosen destination as possible before catching a long-haul flight home again.
Consider a destination that will allow you to make the most of the limited time you have to sightsee and enjoy your honeymoon.

3. Do your research
Whether you want to go out for sushi in Tokyo, hang out in New York’s Times Square or soak up the sun in Honolulu the best way to get the most out of your chosen destination is to properly research your honeymoon location.

Find out more about the place, the people, the culture and the major tourist attractions as well as places you might like to visit off the beaten track. Arm yourself with guidebooks and maps and plan an itinerary that will balance activities with plenty of time for relaxation.

4. Consider using a travel agent
For extra guidance in planning and booking your honeymoon consider visiting a travel agent who will have first-class insider knowledge of your chosen destination as well as any deals and discounts available to you.

A travel agent should be able to help you make the organisation of your honeymoon as glitch-free as possible giving you more time to feel excited about the new travel adventure ahead of you.

5. Don’t forget comfort
You will want to pack some comfortable footwear as well as those sexy high heels. Don’t forget that sightseeing is best done in comfortable flats.

You’ll most likely be doing a fair amount of walking around town and on the beach and sore feet or blisters will put you in a bad mood. Take along a broken-in pair of shoes for being out and about in comfort.

6. Make your arrival an occasion
Plan ahead to have a bottle of champagne or a fine bottle of wine waiting in your room. If you don’t drink, you might opt for something else delicious and celebratory such as strawberries, caviar, oysters or your favourite chocolate.

Remember to call ahead to inform the hotel or resort that you’re newlyweds and they might throw in a few surprises of their own for you and your spouse to enjoy.  Find a way to make those first moments alone together memorable ones and you’ll set the tone for the rest of the honeymoon.

7. Be smart
You and your better half are going to want to kick back and have fun and this may well mean over-indulging in cocktails during happy hour or a champagne breakfast.

If you want to indulge do so somewhere and be smart about it, stay out of the mid-day sun in a beachside canteen or in your room. A hangover or accident can really put a damper on your holiday and the same goes for bad sunburn or food poisoning. Be safe and careful with what you do so as to savour precious holiday time.

8. Go with the flow
Like just about everything else in life, things don’t always go according to plan.  Make room for the unexpected and try to remain open to a little spontaneity.  Sometimes the best things happen when you begin to see the unexpected opportunities.

9. Don’t over schedule
By all means plan a jam-packed itinerary of interesting activities and attractions to visit but remember to pencil in plenty of time for relaxation too as this is your opportunity to recharge your batteries. You want to return from your honeymoon feeling relaxed and rejuvenated rather than frazzled and burnt out.

10. Limit social media
Yes Twitter and Facebook are addictive and there’s always lots happening, but you didn’t fly half-way around the world to lie on a beach with the your new husband to spend a fortnight online.

Limit the amount of time you spend on social media or communicating with friends and family so that you can enjoy some quality couple time – this is the whole point of your trip, remember? Consider putting your phones away at dinnertime in order to spend the evenings fully in each other’s company.

By Jo Green, Excalibur Press