10 Top Tips to Get Creative With Your Wedding Stationery

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Whether you want to save a little bit of money or just do something a little bit quirkier, designing and making your wedding stationery is the chance to inject some fun into the wedding planning process.

Don’t get so caught up in all the arrangements that you forget to enjoy yourself. Stuck for ideas? Here are 10 top tips to help you bring out your creative side when designing and putting together your wedding stationery:

1.     Research

Don’t just start putting your stationery together and hope everything will turn out nice. Have a look online and in the high street and get a few ideas. You don’t have to imitate them, of course. That would defeat the object.

2.     Take up calligraphy

If you’re so busy that you don’t really have time to design and make your stationery no matter how much you might want to, take up calligraphy instead. Then you can save time but still add your own personal touch to the invitations.

3.     Add ribbons or bows

Ribbons and bows are a simple but subtle way of incorporating the wedding colour scheme into your invitations. Add ribbons or bows and you infuse your stationery with some real elegance.

4.     Try envelope liners

Envelope liners offer immense scope for creativity and are a cracking alternative to wedding invitations. You can choose your own theme, colours and style and make them truly unique. You won’t have to paint or draw anything, yet you can still infuse them with your own personal touch.

5.     Seal invitations with wax

There’s a sense of the traditional about wax sealing invitations, but it’s creative and a little different. It’s easy enough to buy a wax seal online or you can make one at home. You can also choose your own wax colour and finish, too.

6.     Use origami

You’ll never get a better excuse to do origami than your wedding invitations. When guests see what you’ve folded together, they’ll be delighted and more than just a little bit impressed. The origami will give your invitation real originality, too.

7.     Instagram-theme your invitations

In this social media age, why not move with the times and create invitations in the style of Instagram posts. These will suit couples who are especially into tech and social media. You can even share them on social media and boost your follower count.

8.     Personalise invitations with a stamp

You don’t have to be super artistic to personalise your wedding invitations with a stamp. Shape a cork and grab some ink and you have a home-made stamp. You could shape it with your initials and, of course, the crucial wedding date.

9.     Use self-adhesive crystals

Bring some real sparkle to your wedding stationery by decorating invitations with self-adhesive crystals. You don’t have to be skilful and they don’t cost very much either. You’ll achieve maximum impact with them, too.

10.  Watercolour your invitations

The use of watercolours is a golden opportunity to incorporate your wedding colour scheme into the invitations. There’s no right or wrong way to use watercolours in this case, so be confident and watercolour them whichever way feels right.

Follow the tips above and you can be truly creative with your wedding stationery. If the need to be creative, however, is stressing you out, don’t let it overwhelm you. Remember that getting the details correct and making them clear is the most important thing, so that everyone is there on the day.

By Peter Jenkins