10 People You Will ALWAYS Find At A Wedding In Northern Ireland

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Weddings inevitably attract an interesting mix of characters and Northern Ireland nuptials are no different. We love a bit of tradition (and an excuse to party), so weddings are always guaranteed to be memorable here in NI.

That’s not to say they always go smoothly. Gathering family members, friends and loved ones in one place can also have its challenges. After all, there’s a reason we don’t take our grandparents on a night out with friends or bring certain people home for family Sunday dinner!

Nevertheless, there are a few types of people you are sure to find at a Northern Ireland wedding.


How many of these wedding guests have you encountered?

1. The Eager Bridesmaid

There’s always a Bridesmaid who is terminally single and looking to be, well, not single. Getting involved in every wedding she possibly can across the province, it’s likely this unlucky-in-love girl will be desperately flirting at the dinner table and beaming enthusiastically during the ceremony in the hopes that, next year, it could be her at the alter.

2. The Bachelor

Often tasked with the role of Best Man, The Bachelor is single and staying that way. He loves a good wedding but has no intention of settling down, preferring to avail of the free bar and chat up the other singles (and sometimes not singles!) at the reception.

3. The Too-Much-Make-up

It is guaranteed that amongst your wedding guests there will be one unfortunate lady with far too much make-up and fake tan on at most weddings. And at NI ceremonies, it’s likely to be more than one. Whether it is intentional or not, you can depend on one orange skinned individual to stand out like a sore thumb in the photographs.

4. The Drunk Uncle

We all have one. The Drunk Uncle is often only seen at weddings and he always makes the most of those free pints. Be prepared for slurred speeches, embarrassing anecdotes and being pulled up to dance as soon as “Sweet Caroline” comes on.


5. The Judging Aunt

The judgemental Aunt will take any opportunity to critique the wedding set-up. The food, the décor, the dress – nothing is off limits. She will also probably repeatedly refer back to her own nuptials to show you just how things should be done…. “This meat is a bit dry, so it is.”

6. The One Who Brings Up Awkward Memories

It may be great entertainment, but there’s always one of your wedding guests who insists on relaying embarrassing stories to the rest of the guests and it’s usually during a speech. If a friend or sibling has something prepared, expect to hear tales of your youthful shenanigans, dating disasters and long buried memories in front of everyone in the room.

7. The Mother In Law

The Mother of the Bride/Groom is seeing her child off into married life and she is bound to be emotional. She will be the one crying during the ceremony and giving the other half strong words about looking after her wee girl/boy.

8. The Inappropriate Dancer

Whether it’s a scantily clad second cousin or THAT drunk uncle, there will always be an inappropriate dancer at a NI wedding. Find them gyrating, twisting and shaking on the dance floor to all the cheesy hits.


9. The Show Off

There is always bound to be one of the wedding guests who is the girl who got married last year will have a few things to say about your wedding and they will want everyone to know that they’ve been there, done that. Prepare to hear the likes of “You know our caterer was the best in the whole of Tyrone?” and “Yes, well Bono was supposed to come to our wedding but he was busy that day”.

10. The Wedding Crasher

Where did he come from? The uninvited guest doesn’t seem to be related to anyone there yet he still manages to sneak into the party. Luckily, by 11pm no one will care.


By Abby Williams, Excalibur Press

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