10 Wedding Photos Guaranteed To Bring A Tear To Your Eye

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We all want a wedding photographer who captures the small moments, who understands that some of the best photos aren’t the posed family shots, but the intimate and natural images that perfectly capture a relationship, romantic or otherwise.

These photographers have outdone themselves in managing to capture raw emotion on film, and may provide you with some inspiration for photos you would like to have to remember your big day.

1. When the Father sees the Bride for the first time…

Many women share a close bond with their father, with the happiest day of their life, being one of the most emotionally difficult for their dad.

Some photographers are very skilled at capturing this moment, which is sure to make even the most unemotional of people tear up.

Photo Credit: Thomas Beaman Photography

2. When the Groom sees the Bride for the first time…

The “first look” of when a groom finally gets to see his bride on their special day is one that is often captured by wedding photographers. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a mix of emotions or an overcome groom, with the bride often laughing at her soon-to-be husband’s reaction.

Photo Credit: Andria Lindquist

3. When the Father gives the Bride away…

Traditionally, this is a very poignant and meaningful moment, and one that often isn’t specifically captured.

Photo Credit: Charlene Morton

4. When this Father got the Bride’s Step-Father up to give her away too…

In this series of photos, Todd Bachman from Ohio can be seen halting his daughter’s wedding to invite her step-dad to help him walk her down the aisle.

Photo Credit: Delia D Blackburn Photography

5. The first kiss as man and wife…

This is a moment sure to be captured by every smart-phone in the room, but a professional shot of this moment will make for an excellent framed image in the couple’s new home.

Photo Credit: Emily Blake

6. When the Father dances with the Bride…

A moment I find one of the most emotional of the day, and one I’m sure to cry throughout at my own wedding, especially if the song choice has emotional and meaningful lyrics.

In this case, a beautiful bride whose father had died of cancer dissolved into tears as one-by-one, family members stepped in to take his place for an emotional father-daughter dance on her wedding day. See the full viral video below:

Photo Credit: La France Films

7. When the newly married couple have their first dance…


Photo Credit: Jennifer Baumann Photography

8. When mini-me’s are involved…

For couples who already have children, their involvement in their parents’ big day can be very special, and often the source of emotional captured moments.  


Photo Credit: Hello Gorgeous Photography

9. That’s what friends are for…

Whether sisters, bridesmaids, or just best friends, our female friendships can be some of the most important, strong, and meaningful in our lives, and these photos are testament to those bonds.

Photo Credit: Arna Bee Photography

10. When Happy Ever After was cut short…

After his wife, Ali passed away from a rare form of lung cancer, Ben Nunery decided to move out of the house they had bought together.

Before closing that chapter of his life, he and his daughter recreated his favourite wedding photos that were taken in the home.


Photo Credit: Loft3 Photography


By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press