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11 Amazing Wedding Cakes You Can Buy In Northern Ireland

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Finding that special wedding cake for your big day can be quite a chore, especially when you are as spoilt for choice as we all are in Northern Ireland. While many prefer the traditional tiered style with all the bells and bows, there are still others that prefer something a bit more out of the norm.

If you are one of the latter, we have some great suggestions for cakes you’ll love.

1. Simple Silhouette

This black and white masterpiece defines the simplicity of love and works well for the bride with a smaller wedding budget. It is classic simplicity, but with a quirky twist all its own.


Created by Carly’s Cakery, Belfast

2. Classic Fairytale Castle

Sometimes we just want a cake that says “happily ever after”. Go lavish and bring some magic to the occasion with this classic fairytale castle cake from Classic Cakes.


3. A Touch Of Magic

Add a touch of magic to your day with a rainbow unicorn cake like this by tscakesbydesign. It’s so beautiful you might not want to even cut it!


4. Go Naked

One of the latest trends in wedding cake is putting it out there in the buff…well, mostly. With only a thin layer of icing and toppings that range from fruit to flowers, this cake is designed to please even the fussiest wedding guest.


Created by French Village Bakery, Belfast

5. The Great Outdoors

Having an outdoor wedding or just an adventurer that likes the woods? Whatever the case, this fantastic ‘Brambles and Bark’ cake might just suit your style.


Created by Cake Couture, Bangor

6. The Wedding Party

There is nothing more to say about this cake other than it is simply a masterpiece. Forget the bygone days of having a bride and groom perched atop the cake, this cake brings everyone to the table!


Created by Jenny’s Cakes, Bangor

7. Heroic Duos

Marrying your very own superhero? Show it with cake. While there are other versions of these great dual themed cakes, this one truly celebrates that geeky love of your life. (We mean the groom, not Batman.)


Created by Cakes by Suzanne, Templepatrick

8. Ah, The Suspense!

It’s killing us! How do they get those layers to hang freely without falling apart all over? Not only is it a marvel, it is quite marvelous.


Created by Madame Cocoa, Belfast

9. Snatch a Snitch

For book loving nerds everywhere, this Harry Potter themed cake from Best Flavours is certainly the answer to all your prayers. Simple and yet quirky, Potter fans everywhere will appreciate your nod to the epic book series.


10. Be Square

Not only does this cake demonstrate the fact that your cake doesn’t need to be round to be gorgeous, it is a perfect example of how to combine a holiday theme into your wedding décor. Getting married at Christmas? Easter? Whatever your season, this cake will blend seamlessly into your décor while still standing out.


Created by Relax Cakes, Newtownards

11. Best By The Dozen

Want to do away with the hassle of cutting and plating that large tiered cake? Why not opt for portable cupcakes that your guests can just grab and go? They’ll love them. Check out Funky Cakes on Facebook for their full range of cupcakes.


By Amy Naves, Excalibur Press

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