12 Top Tips For Pregnant Brides

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How exciting! Not only has the countdown begun for your wedding, but you get to count down the days till you meet your little one too. You will likely be looking forward to telling them of all the adventures leading up to their arrival. And, with a wedding and a baby on the way, there will be many things circling your mind at once.

Here are a few tips for blooming brides:

pregnant brides

1. Show off your bump
Hiding your bump will do you no favours, don’t make the rookie mistake of feeling fat and wanting to hide it. Being pregnant is NOT being fat!

2. Don’t wear a long dress
A growing bump means less visibility around your feet and less freedom to move around, some women also find themselves getting a little clumsy near the end of 3rd trimester. For this reason, it is by far a safer choice to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and free, and that isn’t a tripping hazard!

3. Avoid tutu skirts
Puffy tutu skirts are beautiful, however, this style may not compliment your bump, rather making the undesired appearance of weight gain. #beproudofyourbump

4. Bring an extra pair of shoes
Wearing extra wide flat shoes is a big must for those unlucky pregnant women who contend with swollen feet and sore backs/hips.

5. Wear stretchy material
Consider wearing something comfortable for your bump and you, including comfy underwear.

You have big beautiful new breasts you never had before…time to flaunt them!

7. Embrace the help!
Don’t be too proud to allow others’ aid, you are pregnant and need to take it easy – people will and do understand.

8. Make sure food and drink is ALWAYS available to you
This goes without saying for any expecting woman!

9. Reconsider the first dance
If you don’t feel up to a first dance, don’t push yourself. Maybe consider getting members of your wedding to dance instead, like your bridesmaids for example? Or let him do all the work…

10. Don’t people please
No decent person will hold it against you for needing rest after such a big day, especially during pregnancy!

11. Don’t stress
This will be a special but stressful day! Think of ways to de-stress from the craziness of preparing for this event, and maybe consider a pregnancy massage ahead of the wedding.

12. Time to wine down…
Alcohol is important to some at their weddings, and it is now time for you to find substitutes. Mocktails are not only classy to look at, but taste great too!

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By Claire Louise McBride, Excalibur Press