13 Beautiful Wedding Flowers & Their Meanings

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Weddings are all about symbolism. There are deeper meanings to nearly every aspect of a modern-day wedding from the rings, to the colour scheme. So why stop at the flowers?

Deciding which of the many stunning flowers to use can be a fun and educational experience if you want to involve the meanings in your decision as well!

To get you started, here are some beautiful flowers with equally beautiful meanings:

1. Red Roses

Whilst the red rose may be cliché, it’s become this way for a reason. It resembles true love. Which is a brilliant message to send your significant other on your wedding day!

2. White roses 

White roses represent purity. But not many people know that when paired with the red rose, the meaning changes for both aesthetic flowers to signify unity.

3. Stephanotis (Madagascar Jasmine) 

This gorgeous white flower symbolises marital happiness, and is the perfect addition to a bouquet with it’s pure shade of white and lovely meaning.

4. Forsythia 

A wedding celebration brings joy and excitement for the years to come, which makes this vibrant yellow bud ideal in every way as it represents the anticipation of an exciting moment! The forsythia plant can be arranged to form a gorgeous wedding arch. Perfect for photos!

5. Lavender

Devotion is a common meaning of the Lavender flower, and with its calming scent and gorgeous purple hue, it is a wonderful choice to add a splash of colour to the wedding celebrations!

6. Tulips

Tulips represent love and care, and with their wide range of appealing colours you’ll be sure to find some to match your colour scheme!

7. Lily of the valley (Convallaria Majalis) 

This sweetly scented flower is fantastic for wedding bouquets with its drooping bell shape that provides a relaxed and gentle feel. Along with this, the flower represents happiness and purity, so is perfect for such an occasion!

8. Forget-me-not

True and undying love is what we like to think of when we think of wedding celebrations. This is what makes the forget-me-not flower ideal for your special day as they stand for that exact virtue!

9. Baby’s Breath

As a symbol of everlasting love, purity and innocence, this flower is a popular backdrop to accentuate the other flowers in your bouquet. It is rarely used on its own but rather as a complimentary addition that balances the bouquet to match the bridal gown.

10. Calla Lily 

These angelic flowers symbolise amazing beauty, and are associated with holiness, faith and purity. They are often featured in cascading bouquets to emit a graceful and spirited arrangement.

11. Daisy 

These flowers are representative of innocence, true love and new beginnings. Which is perfect for newlyweds starting their lives together!

12. Ornamental Cabbage/ Ornamental Kale

Despite not having a traditional meaning, ornamental cabbage has become increasingly popular in bouquets due to its connotations to nature and the earthy vibe it emanates.

13. Lilac 

Despite their gorgeous lilac colour, these flowers are also fantastic for weddings because they are known as symbols of the first emotions of love. White lilacs on the other hand represent youthful innocence.

By Katie Turner, Excalibur Press