13 Items You Will Need On Your Wedding Day (That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of)

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It’s the biggest day of your life (so far) and you have meticulously planned a bound-to-be-spectacular day for yourself and the love of your life.

It’s set to be a fantastic feast for all the family, with every expense spared down to the very last detail, and you hopefully have everything in place to make the day breeze through like a dream.

If not (and that’s often the case), we’ve put together a short and sweet list of items you might want to take with you to spare swollen feet, loose lashes or a tear in that beautiful bridal gown.

Check out the ultimate wedding day survival kit – 13 items you will need that you probably haven’t thought of:

1. Mini Sowing Kit: For accidental rips and loose buttons.

2. Spare Lashes: For a makeup emergency.

3. Cushioned insoles: For those pesky shoes that look great but are painful.

4. Lipstick: They often go missing, bring an extra one for those wedding pictures.

5. Hand wipes: For the accidental wine and food spills which are inevitable.

6. Flip Flops: No one wants to dance the night away in heels, bring an extra pair of flip flops you can wear under your dress.

7. Tissues: For those emotional moments and speeches.

8. Deodorant: Keep fresh throughout the big day.

9. Hair brush/Hairspray: Keep that hair in place for the entire evening.

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10. Phone charger: For any emergencies and keeping in touch with the family.

11. Lint Brush: For the groomsmen, just before you make it down the aisle.

12. After Party outfit: It may not be a Royal Wedding, but bring an extra outfit so you can flow through the evening with ease.

13. Snacks: It’s a long day from start to finish, so make sure to bring some snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day.

With all these items in mind, the most important thing you can bring to your wedding day is yourself! There’s nothing more special than walking up that aisle to the love of your life, so don’t forget to smile and enjoy each moment.

By Caitlain Rafferty