14 Annoying Things People Say When You’re Getting Married

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There are loads of things to arrange when planning a wedding, and with all of that decision making comes options, and lots of them! You may suddenly find that everyone around you is full of words of wisdom, advice, and (unfortunately) opinions…

These are welcome when you are in need of someone to bounce ideas off, but many of them you will hear time and time again and usually when it’s the last thing you want to hear.

No matter how stressed out you may feel, know that the people in your life mean well, so take a few deep breaths and when you need a giggle, check out this post to know you’re not alone:

1. Have you set a date yet?

You will be asked this within five minutes of announcing the engagement, and at least once a week from then until the day you actually do set the date.

2. Oh really? You’re having a wedding then? Why?

“Because I want to” is what you’ll be saying in your head, but you’ll usually find yourself

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3. How much is that costing?/Oh, that sounds expensive!/Hope you’ve been saving for that!

While you appreciate others’ interest in your financial security, the cost of your wedding is no one else’s concern. Unless you’ve bagged an absolute bargain and want to tell the world about it, don’t feel the need to talk cash.

4. Are you inviting [insert name of distant relative/best friend you had when you were 6/]? Why aren’t they invited? Don’t you think they should be?

Well, no. If I thought they should have been invited, or if I wanted them at my wedding, they would be on the invite list. This is usually said by a family member to influence who attends your wedding on the basis of who they want there. If they are forking out the £100 per head to bring them along, they can invite whoever they want!

5. Are you pregnant??

First thought – “oh God, do I look pregnant?”
Second thought – “how rude are you?”
Third thought – “does everyone think I’m getting married because I’m pregnant?”
Regardless of whether you do, or do not, have a bun in the oven, it’s no one else’s business.

6. When are you going to start trying for a baby?/Are you excited about having kids?

Uhh, can we get the wedding day out of the way first, please? Thanks!

7. Well? How are the plans coming along?

Most people imagine that Brides-to-be will talk about their wedding planning non-stop, to the extent of (dare I say it) boring others around you to tears! But – a lot of the time, you’ll be sick of thinking/breathing/sleeping all things wedding-related, and you’ll not enjoy repeating yourself multiple times per day either!

8. Have you picked your Bridesmaids yet??

Yes, cousin Sandra, and you’re still not one of them.

9. Let’s hope you don’t turn into a Bridezilla!

Smile. And breathe.

10. So, what’s your wedding dress like? Aw go on, tell me, I’ll not say to anyone!

No, and no.

11. When my sister/friend/work colleague got married they…

Unless I’ve asked for ideas, please, please stop telling me what every person you’ve ever known who has gotten married did for theirs!

12. Have you got cold feet yet?/It’s not too late to back out, you know!

No, not yet, and I’m not planning to either, thanks!

13. Are you dieting for the wedding?

If I want to eat better and exercise a little more before the big day, I will. And if I don’t want to, I won’t. But thanks for making me feel like I need to…

14. It’s not long now!

Usually said regularly from when the wedding date is set, right up until a few days before it, even if you set the date two years into the future, everyone will still remind you that it’s not long to go now!

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press