14 Marvellous Moments to Capture on Your Wedding Day

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There are some wedding day shots you simply don’t want to be missing from your wedding album. From the pictures of the invitations, through to your first dance together as a married couple, a good photographer will make sure these 14 key wedding day features are part of it:

1. Wedding invitations.

The wedding invitations are where it all begins. You’ll also spend some time and effort designing and making your invitations, so why not get some photos to document the final product?

2. Getting ready for the big day.

Pictures of you and your bridesmaids getting ready are a chance to have a little fun before the more serious business. You can make these casual, with a glass of Prosecco and wearing matching pyjamas or robes. Then it’s on with the glamour and glitz for the rest of the day.

3. The hair and makeup.

Getting your hair and makeup done takes some time, but the results will be amazing. You’ll want your photographer close by to document the stunning handiwork.

4. The wedding bouquet.

The floral arrangements are beautiful. You just can’t miss photographing the wedding bouquet. The bouquet is a versatile item and will work well in ring and dress shots as well.

5. A generational shot.

This shot features the different generations of the family all displaying the hand bearing their wedding rings for the camera. If you’re lucky enough to have both your grandmother and your mother attend the ceremony, get them together and get a bird’s eye view-style photo of the three of you with your wedding rings on.

6. Bridal portrait.

The photographer has the good fortune to see you before your guests and, of course, the groom. Let them take some absolutely marvellous portrait shots. This is your moment to sparkle in your wedding dress. Make the most of it and really play to the camera so the photographer can capture you at your very best.

7. The groom.

Yes, the photographer should capture you in your wedding dress before heading to the ceremony, but the photographer should, if possible, get a few shots of your dashing groom, too. The groom may be feeling a bit nervous, so posing for the camera will take his mind off any pre-wedding jitters as well as document him in his best light.

8. The vows.

The vows are an emotional moment. Make sure your photographer is in a good place to reel of plenty of snaps. They may catch everything from tears of joy through to laughter.

9. The first kiss.

The first kiss is another iconic moment of the ceremony. When the person who is officiating the wedding grants the permission for both partners to kiss, they’ll be happy to oblige and your photographer should be there to photograph the moment.

10. Confetti shot (and other fun exits).

Don’t leave the ceremony venue without this one. A shot of the happy couple leaving while the guests throw confetti all over them really captures the magic and joy of the moment.

11. Rings.

Exchanging rings is a crucial part of the ceremony. You simply can’t have a set of wedding photos without pictures of the rings.

12. The reception venue.

Your photographer should take photos of the venue before you and your guests arrive. You’ll be looking forward to filling it with all your favourite people, naturally, but it’s good to photograph the venue and its elegant details beforehand. These shots should include tables, place settings and centrepieces.

13. The wedding cake (and the happy couple cutting it).

Before everyone tucks into the wedding cake, you’ll want some pictures of this fantastic culinary creation, especially if you’ve asked the cake baker or decorator to customise it in some way. When you do the grand honour of cutting the cake together, have the photographer ready to take those all-important cake shots.

14. The first dance.

Don’t let your photographer head home without a few shots of the first dance. It’s your first dance together as a married couple and a few photos will help immortalise the moment.

These are just some of the highlights that should make up your wedding photo album. You’ll also want a few shots of you with your bridesmaids and of any young guests who play a part in the day, such as page boys and flower girls. Make the memories and leave it to your photographer to capture them on camera while you enjoy the day.