15 Fantastically Cool Ideas for a Summer Wedding

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Summer weddings are great, aren’t they? Everyone is in excellent spirits, courtesy of the warm weather and pleasant atmosphere, and the sunshine creates scope for some superb wedding ideas. Here are 15 suggestions you might wish to try if you’re holding a summer wedding:

1. Have a gin bar.

The bottom line: gin is in. Capitalise on the trend for a summer wedding that really moves with the times and arrange a gin bar. This versatile tipple works well with fruit and you can gather several different types of gin for a variety of refreshing cocktails.

2. Mix things up.

Instead of a conventional meal, why not have a pick-and-mix style wedding buffet? Set up different food and drink stalls. This means guests don’t have to sit down to a heavy meal and can mingle while they eat.

3. Hire a band.

The convention is to hire a DJ to provide the music in the evening, but since it’s summer, live music is always welcome, especially in an outdoor venue. You could also go for a more laid-back vibe and hire an acoustic guitarist rather than a band.

4. Hold a barbecue.

Summer is barbecue season, which is another flavoursome alternative to the traditional wedding meal. You could even make a hog roast. Add salads, chutneys and cheese and you’re onto a winner.

5. Have an outdoor ceremony.

Don’t let the warm weather go to waste. Exchange your vows in a secluded woodland spot, under an arch of beautifully arranged flowers or even get married on the beach — what better time than summer is there for that?

6. Add the fun of the fairground.

This is an exceptionally quirky but immensely entertaining idea. Hire hook a duck, a carousel or even a traditional coconut shy. Some couples add their own twist to the shy by swapping the coconuts for pineapples. Get ready to watch your guests’ inner child break out.

7. Assemble a floral staircase.

Ramp up the romance factor with a floral staircase. It’s one of the most romantic props you’ll ever see at a summer wedding and will look fabulous in the wedding photos. When you walk down it, you’ll feel on top of the world.

8. Set up a sunglasses box.

The sun might be shining bright and that’s fantastic, but you don’t want guests to feel uncomfortable under it or spend the whole day squinting at everything. Set up a box of stylish shades for everyone so that your guests can look the part and enjoy the day.

9. Put together a balloon arch.

Whereas the floral arch is all about romance, the balloon arch is all about unbridled joy. The sun is shining and everyone is in the best of moods. The balloons reflect that and are a tremendous way to embrace the seasonal vibe.

10. Wear a flower crown.

The flower crown is especially summery for brides. Making eucalyptus or pastel petals a part of the design will keep your crown beautiful, romantic and in line with the season.

11. Wear a bridal hat.

Rather than a crown, you might prefer to go the other way and shade yourself with a bridal hat while the sun is smiling down on you. An elegant straw hat could do the trick. You can complement the look with a wildflower bouquet.

12. Get colourful with your wedding outfits.

In the summertime, the bride doesn’t necessarily have to wear white, nor does the groom have to wear black. You can be daring and wear pink and blue respectively. Hey, it’s summertime.

13. Colour coordinate the guests.

You could ask guests to wear a certain colour. You might ask the men to wear blue jackets and the ladies to wear a floral accessory, for instance.

14. Offer cocktails for couples.

Design some his-and-hers cocktails. These will go down a treat with couples at the wedding and you can really make the drinks elegant and refreshing with fruit garnishes, floral petals and colourful straws.

15. Fill ice buckets with beer.

Don’t make guests stand around waiting to be served. Create a self-service bar with buckets of ice filled with bottles of beer. Grab a few snaps of them before the guests get stuck into them.

Summer is such a fabulous time of year and lends itself to a plethora of quirky and creative ideas for weddings. Implement a few at your wedding and have a terrific day under the sun with your guests.