15 Questions You Need to Ask Before Employing a Wedding Planner

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Employing the services of a wedding planner can go a long way towards minimising the stress of planning your big day. A professional and experienced wedding planner who knows the business and their clients well can ensure the whole affair runs smoothly and that you get the wedding of your dreams. Choosing the right should one can also save you certain costs which will go somewhere towards justifying their own fees.

If you’re thinking of engaging the services of a wedding planner then here’s a list of 15 important questions you should ask before employing one.

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1. “Are you available on my date?”

An obvious question but there’s little point in discussing anything until you’ve made sure.

2. “How much do you charge, when do I pay and will this be a final quote?”

If you’re given an estimate you need to be sure that the final invoice is within your budget.

3. “What services can you offer me?”

Can he/she plan and design the wedding from start to finish or be flexible and take on only the elements that you want to allocate?

4. “How much can we work together in terms of design, co-ordination, flowers and stationary etc.?”

You need to be comfortable that you can work together if that’s what you want.

5. “What do you need to know about us as a couple and our visions and expectations?”

If he/she doesn’t take the time to get to know you well enough or ask the right questions at the start and throughout the process, then your ideas and expectations might conflict – the last thing you’re going to need when it’s too late to turn back.

6. “Do you have a list of professionals you usually work with?”

You want to be as confident with their choices as you are in them.

7. “Are you happy for me to bring in professionals outside of that list?”

If you’ve a favourite photographer or florist, for example, then a professional wedding planner should not have a problem with that.

8. “How many weddings have you planned and do you have a portfolio and testimonials?”

Plenty of these will give you confidence in their abilities to pull it all off and give you the day of your dreams.

9. “How many weddings will you be working on whilst planning mine?”

You don’t want to employ the services of a planner who’s so overstretched that she cannot deliver to your satisfaction.

10. If you’ve already chosen a venue you might want to ask whether or not they’ve planned any other events there – they might be able to negotiate a discount as well as having inside information on how they operate.

11. “Will you be attending my wedding to ensure that it all runs seamlessly on the day?”

A good wedding planner will go above and beyond to make certain all goes to plan.

12. “How often will you meet with me during the planning? Is there a set amount of time allocated or can we meet and communicate throughout the process?”

If there’s a limited amount of time this might not prove very practical.

13. “Will you liaise with guests and other professionals to make sure they know the exact details and directions to the venue if necessary?”

Little things can take up time and be an irritation that you don’t need on the day.

14. “Is wedding insurance essential and can you recommend a broker and explain the benefits?”

15. If you are planning a large affair with several hundred guests then it’s important to ask if he/she’s planned a wedding of that size before.

Happy Planning!

By Linda Browne, Excalibur Press