20 Budget Friendly Wedding Ideas

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If you’re planning your wedding but you are worried that your budget might not stretch far enough take some time out to consider how you can reduce your budget without reducing your expectations on the big day.

With so many offers and alternatives available these days a lack of budget shouldn’t stop you getting that dream wedding.

Whether that is getting prices from different suppliers, using local in-season flowers, making your own wedding jewellery or creating your own wedding party music setlist – there are a variety of ways to have the wedding you wish for without breaking the bank.

Here are our top 20:

  • Consider a weekday wedding – not only will your venue costs be cheaper but suppliers may also offer midweek discounts. Week day weddings will allow you to make significant savings on your budget, the only difficulty is that this may make it more difficult for certain guests who work full-time to attend, so proceed with caution ensuring your nearest and dearest can get the requisite time off work.
  • Make sure you negotiate – get a variety of prices from different suppliers for food, flowers, wedding cake, entertainment and venue and car hire. This will help you decide if your quotes are good value for money. Make sure you get the most competitive deals possible.
  • Take more time to plan – If you have your heart set on a large wedding then consider having a longer engagement that will give you both a lot longer to save the necessary money to cover costs. Booking a bit further in advance of your wedding date will also keep costs lower.
  • Avoid exclusivity fees – If you don’t mind another wedding happening at the same venue on the same day then you will avoid paying exclusivity fees (just make sure the wedding parties won’t have to cross paths!)
  • Go digital – Ask guests to RSVP to a special wedding email address instead of paying for their return postage on expensive invitations.
  • Consider location – Hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue to save on transport costs and possible duplicate venue hire. This is a no-brainer for the budgeting bride.
  • Food options – Consider a buffet for your wedding breakfast rather than a formal sit down meal. Buffet food may not be fancy but it can be just as tasty and delicious and will create a more relaxed party mood.
  • Drinks – Welcome guests with a champagne cocktail: they look stylish, should taste great and will stretch the fizz that much further.
  • Visit the salon – Cut your hair styling costs by going to the salon on the morning of your wedding day instead of bringing the hairdresser to you. Or if you are confident think about doing your own hair and make-up as well as asking your bridesmaids to do the same. Hairdressers or make-up artists can give you appointments to show you how to recreate certain looks at home.
  • DIY jewellery – Consider getting creative and designing and making your own wedding jewellery. You could also gift your bridesmaids with handmade jewellery or other handmade gifts to avoid having to hit the shops.
  • Choice – If you give your bridesmaids the choice of their outfit or accessories, it’s more acceptable to ask them if they can possibly foot the bill.
  • Choose local, seasonal wedding flowers – they have more meaning and, importantly, a much smaller price tag. If you are creative why not consider arranging your own bouquet yourself?
  • Guests – Write guest names on party favours so you don’t have to buy place cards too.
  • Make your own favours: homemade biscuits or personalised trinkets or tokens will work well and have that special personal touch.
  • Get your friends to help – If your friends have a talent for cake decoration or flower arranging, call on their help and collaborate to get the job done together.
  • Entertainment – With regards to wedding party entertainment remember that DJs usually cost a fraction of the fee a live band charges.
  • Create your own music – Why not make your own playlist on your MP3 player instead of hiring a band or DJ? This way everyone will be dancing to the music you most love and enjoy and you can take the credit for creating the best party vibes.
  • Always ask about complementary honeymoon upgrades – hotels offer everything from champagne to massages to encourage newlyweds to stay with them.
  • Delay the honeymoon – Rather than flying straight off on honeymoon consider delaying your holiday by a couple of weeks (or even months) if you can get a cheaper price. Good things come to those who wait and you will appreciate your honeymoon more deeply when the time arrives instead of jetting off as soon as the wedding is over.
  • Research – Book your honeymoon with a budget airline in order to spend a little bit more on luxury accommodation. Do your research and be sure to find the most economical way to reach your chosen honeymoon destination.

By Jo Green, Excalibur Press