20 Songs Wedding Guests Love Dancing To

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When a particular song comes on when you’re on a night out, have you ever heard someone exclaim, “That is such a wedding song!”? When it comes to weddings, there are many traditions, and music is no exception.

While many of us take to the floor for new chart hits, there are a plethora of songs that people just can’t get enough of at weddings. Here are 20 of our favourites:

  1. Dolly Parton – 9 to 5

From the second those opening bars start to play, everyone from your Granny to your youngest Niece will be out on that floor singing along.

  1. Robbie Williams – Angels

It may be the most popular Karaoke song ever, but Angels is also likely to get the crowd on the floor for a slow-sway sing-along, even the men.

  1. Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

There’s nothing like a well-loved song by a local artist to get your wedding guests on their feet.

  1. Hermes House Band – Country Roads

No matter how much of a city slicker you are, you can’t beat a bit of foot-stomping country, and this classic tune provides for it in bucket loads.

  1. The Dirty Dancing Remix

A classic movie that 99% of the female population know all of the words to. We all wanted to be Baby Houseman, and we all wanted Johnny Castle to teach us how to dance.

  1. Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger

Classic anthems are a great choice for a little later in the evening when a few drinks have been had. A great way to get the guys and gals to mingle, while hollering along to old-school greats.

  1. Kenny Loggins – Footloose

If the tempo has started to drop a little, a fast and lively number is sure to get your guests excited again.

  1. Bon Jovi – Livin on a Prayer

Another fast-paced sing-along anthem that is sure to fill the dance-floor.

  1. Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

There are many traditional dances at a wedding, the first dance as Husband and Wife, the Father-Daughter dance, and the one for the Bride and her besties.

  1. Shania Twain – I Feel Like A Woman

Another great song for the girls, women of all ages will belt this one out.

  1. Grease Megamix

Another classic movie with a party soundtrack. Most of your guests are likely to bust a few iconic moves to Grease Lightening, and hearing everyone reach for Travolta’s high-note is always entertaining.

  1. Evergreens – I’ll Tell Me Ma

Along with the chart-toppers, you have to throw in some classic wedding tracks. No one can remember learning the words to this song, it’s just ingrained in our subconscious.

  1. Wham  – I’m Your Man

It wouldn’t be a wedding disco without a few pop songs with a romantic twist, and this one by Wham will not disappoint.

  1. Whigfield – Saturday Night

This one may depend on the generation of the Bride and Groom, but if it’s just right, you’ll have a dance floor filled with lines of people doing the iconic dance moves.

  1. Bryan Adams – Summer of 69

A popular wedding disco track that will have guests doing the air guitar in no time.

  1. Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

If you have a lot of guests who love to sing-along to a great tune, this one is sure to get them on their feet.

  1. Kenny Rodgers – The Gambler

Has there ever been a wedding in the history of the world where this wasn’t played? Yep, we didn’t think so.

  1. Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

Whether you prefer this, or the Westlife version, Uptown Girl is a great track for all generations.

  1. Love Inc – You’re a Superstar

A slightly more modern dance classic that will liven up and wedding party.

  1. Undertones – Teenage Kicks

This one may depend on the Bride and Groom’s music tastes, but the Undertones are a classic at any Northern Irish party.

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press