22 Of The Funniest Wedding Videos On YouTube

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Ultimately everyone wants their wedding day to go smoothly, and for there to be no major issues, but sometimes the unplanned and unexpected moments end up being the most hilarious and memorable.

In contrast to that, some couples want to inject some fun and humour into their big day, and go to elaborate lengths to entertain and amuse their guests, and some wedding guests who make speeches put a lot of effort into giving an amazing toast.

We’ve scoured the web to find some of the funniest and most entertaining wedding moments – use these to either brighten up your day, as a source of inspiration, or to help make sure that you’re prepared for the unexpected!

The Dancing

1. When the surprise dance doesn’t quite go to plan.

2. When your man has more moves than you do.

3. When you throw it down old school.

4. When your husband’s a professional.

5. When your man is a total amateur who makes it look easy.

6. When it all gets a little bit abstract.

7. When the couple have a great sense of humour.

8. When your dad gets in on the act.

9. The original, and the best.

The Speeches

10. Twin Sister Toast Off.

11. The Rap.

12. Well-rehearsed Perfection.


13. The Groom Who’s a Drama King.

14. Epic Eminem Rap.

15. The Slow Jam.

16. When it’s so wrong, it’s right.

17. Disney-inspired Best Man Speech.

18. The Best of Mash-Ups.

19. The Celebrity Version.

The Epic Fails

20, 21 & 22. When there are no words…




By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press