4 Bridal Headpiece Trends To Consider

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Whether you are going for a simple gown and want to add a little something extra or you are going for an all-out glam look with as much sparkle as possible, a headpiece can be a great addition to your outfit.

Ranging from floral and bohemian to sparkly and regal there are headpieces available to suit every style of wedding.

Here are 4 headpiece trends to try:

1. Floral Crowns

Floral crowns are perfect for the relaxed bohemian styled bride. Think a flowy lace dress paired with a floral crown on a beach somewhere. Floral crowns can really add something to a simple wedding dress and create a laid back and relaxed vibe. Think about coordinating the colours of the flowers with your bridesmaid’s dresses or opt for an all white crown for a simple yet effective look. You can purchase an array of gorgeous crowns online or even think about talking to your hairstylist to work a flower crown into your hair for your big day! If you are feeling extra crafty there is tutorials online to learn to make your own floral crowns.

2. Small Side Clips

If you don’t want to go all out with a big statement piece, these side clips can be a gorgeous addition to any bridal look. Clips are already hugely on trend this season so why not add on to your bridal look. They also compliment so may bridal hairstyles, so it shouldn’t be hard to work one of these into your plan. A simple gold or silver clip can look stunning or even consider something with pearls for an elegant and classy look.

3. Wired Headbands

A new trend for brides is ornate wire headbands usually featuring a leaf or crystal design. A quick internet search will show you so many options for these from high street retailers due to their popularity. So definitely a great option to go for. These pieces look super modern and chic without being over the top. If you are considering an up do, these pieces can be a great addition. They can also be easily matched with other pieces of jewellery; you may plan to wear.

4. Tiaras

If you want to go for a more traditional look a tiara is a great option to go with and you will be able to pick them up in lots of bridal stores. Something like this would go perfectly with a princess style dress for a traditional look. When picking a tiara goes as big as you feel comfortable with, smaller ones can be simple and elegant or larger ones can be a statement piece to your look.

When choosing a headpiece try different options on when you are picking your dress to see the entire look together or create a mood board of ideas on Pinterest. Take into account the type of hairstyle you want to wear on your day and which piece would best suit this.

By Hannah Chambers