4 Tips for Creating a Rainy Day Wedding Plan

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While we all hope for glorious sunshine on our wedding day, with our unpredictable weather there’s always the chance of rain.
To make sure it doesn’t spoil the day, particularly if your planning an outdoor ceremony, it makes good sense to have a contingency plan, so you can still enjoy the day if the weather takes a turn for the worse.
Discuss options with your venue as they will have experience in how best to manage bad weather. If you have an outdoor ceremony planned, if there an indoor alternative that can be dressed at short notice, or do they recommend a marquee as a precaution. Planning for this eventuality now will stop your wedding day being a wash out. 
Distribute umbrellas
If you know there’s a high chance of rain around your wedding date, and especially if there’s a distance between your ceremony and reception venues, provide umbrellas for guests under their seats.
You could co-ordinate the umbrellas with your colour scheme which would make for a fun photo opportunity as well as protecting them from any showers.
Keep guests warm 
Don’t let the threat of rain or wintery showers compromise your wedding day agenda, just ensure you have a backup plan to keep guests warm and dry. If you’re holding your reception in a marquee, have blankets or throws available for the guests to keep those who feel the cold more comfortable You could also have special blankets matching the colour scheme with the initials of the happy couple which would make for cute and romantic snuggle moments to be captured for the album.
Enjoy it 
With all the planning that goes in to a wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly, the one thing you can’t control is the weather. Rather than letting it add to your worries just embrace it and accommodate the possibility as best you can.
Speak to your photographer about alternative arrangements for a wet day and how you might use it to your advantage by incorporating umbrellas or shooting indoors.
A little planning will go along way in making sure your day runs smoothly and you and your guests all have a fabulous day celebrating your wedding, regardless of the weather.
By Vishnu Kumar