4 Unique And Fun Ways To Enjoy The Countdown To The Wedding

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There’s been a lot of planning, visualising, money, stress, excitement and anticipation leading up to the wedding day, and now it’s finally time to breathe, relax and enjoy the process. Is it possible to do that? No! Of course not!

Your wedding day is days away…one of the best days of your life, right? So how can you be expected to relax? Maybe you just need some distraction, something to take your mind away from the pre-wedding jitters. How about doing something a little different for the countdown to your wedding?

Here are a few fun and inspiring ideas for just that:

1. The Advent Countdown

The excitement of advent calendar before Christmas, except much better – use one so that each day leading up to your wedding you can open a new door and find a little luxury surprise. It could be chocolate, poetry, or maybe a ticket to the cinema, but it should be something that you will like. Ideally you should leave the challenge to a loved one, but either way, it’s a lovely way to build momentum and help mentally prepare for the wedding.

2. Dare raffle

This could be a challenge for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. They would each get a chance at a raffle each day on the lead up to the wedding. If they are picked, then they should accept to do the dare or pick another – ultimately, they must choose one.

When they accept the challenge, they should record it and put it up on social media with the #weddingcountdown hashtag. Once a bridesmaid or groomsman has completed their dare, then their name will be taken out of future raffles, to ensure that everyone has a chance to be selected.

Dares can be as creative and crazy as you feel they should be, ranging from simply eating something interesting while blindfolded, to participating in a scary skydiving jump! Let’s see who is most daring…it will certainly make for good laughs during speeches.

3. 10 surprises

In the lead up to the big event, it might be fun for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to come together to make a new surprise for the bride and groom each day for the last 10 days. It could look something like this:

Day 1. Breakfast bake off – Bridesmaids & groomsmen compete for the couple.
Day 2. Come dine with me dinner – Bride & groom compete for bridesmaids & groomsmen.
Day 3. Take them to a concert/live music gig – preferably a genre the couple will enjoy.
Day 4. Visit a romantic site – E.g. Mount Stewart (which was partly built for a love interest).
Day 5. One free hotel night – This could be a surprise for the wedding night.
Day 6. Paintballing – Don’t get too competitive!
Day 7. Spa day – one well-earned day dedicated to relaxation.
Day 8. Give a funny gimmick for the honeymoon – like a sex toy!
Day 9. Surprise them with an unlikely tradition – like how the folk do a ‘doing’ in Ballymoney!
Day 10. Memory lane – a photos collage to pull on the heartstrings.


4. Pamper week

This is a guaranteed win that everyone will enjoy during the countdown to the big day. For bride and bridesmaids this could mean a different spa treatment each day, and for the groom and his men this could mean a game of golf or even watching the game with a can of beer. Or it could be the complete opposite! Only you will know best and if it’s in the name of positivity and relaxation, anything is acceptable.