4 Ways To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Wedding

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Social media has become a massive part of our everyday lives – from Twitter to Snapchat, and Facebook to Instagram – it seems like every aspect of our daily existence is posted, tagged and hashtagged, but what about your wedding?

No doubt you have found wedding inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, tracked down some local suppliers on Facebook, and maybe even followed a wedding-related hashtag or five on Twitter, but do you want social media to be a part of your big day?

Here are four social media strategies to consider for your wedding:

1. Go Offline

If you want to keep your wedding very much grounded IRL (in real life), feel free to include a post-script in the wedding invite that clearly states that you would prefer for guests not to post their own photos from the day (and night!) on social media. At first it may seem like an odd thing to do considering how influential social media has become, but ultimately it is your wedding day, so if you would prefer for guests not to take and share their own photos you are within your right to ask them not too, albeit politely.

2. Have An ‘Unplugged’ Ceremony

“Unplugged” wedding ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular. An attractive and decorative sign at the entrance to the ceremony venue politely requests that guests keep the ceremony technology-free. This helps to keep everyone in the moment, makes the ceremony extra special and memorable, and helps prevent your professional photos from coming back with lots of guests holding up cameras, phones, and other items of tech in the background.

3. Be Social, With A Caveat

Many Brides and Grooms ask guests not to post their own photos from the big day until after the official photographs are shared by the happy couple (or at least not without running them past the newly weds first!). There’s every chance that there will be some awkward/ embarrassing/unflattering (delete as appropriate) photos taken by guests. A good way around this is to set up a group chat and ask guests to send all their best photos into the group so you can post them altogether in a special online album dedicated to the big day.

4. Go All Out

If you love candid photography, want to see “behind the scenes” of your wedding day from your guests’ point of view (it’s a super busy day and you can’t be everywhere at once!), and especially if you have provided Insta-worthy décor for your guests to enjoy (such as a photo booth or a floral wall), you might want to let your guests be snap-happy with a bespoke Selfie Frame on your wedding day. Some of the best, most intimate, and natural images are taken by guests at weddings. If you want to take the idea a step further, you could create a bespoke hashtag for your wedding day so guests can share their images, and you can find them easily.