4 Ways To Make Yourself An Epic Best Man

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Being a best man is a hefty responsibility and you want to make sure not only that you do it right, but that you do it memorably. The wedding day only comes around once after all!

The best man has his all-important speech but it’s not just the big day you need to focus on. There’s plenty for the best man to be doing in the lead up to the wedding, with sorting out groomsmen attire and assisting the groom with any wedding decisions as just a couple of examples.

To make sure you’re prepared, here are 4 top tips…

1. Keep It Personal

The speech and the stag do may feel like monumentous tasks but the most important thing to remember is to keep it personal.

Think about the groom and your memories with him and talk to him about what he’d like to do for his stag do before you plan anything.

In terms of the speech, it’s better to be specific about the groom than to speak generally. If you’re going to use any anecdotes in your speech, think about whether he’d be comfortable with them first.

2. Be In The Know

Take the time to visit the venue and learn the schedule of the day because you’ll be the one guests come to with their questions.

Having the phone numbers of important contacts is also a good idea, notably the caterer, ushers and bridesmaids.

Make sure you are familiar with important guests to avoid embarrassment. Having all of the information will show how much you value the role of best man and how prepared you are.


3. Stay Sober (mostly)

On the big day not only will you need to make a speech but you’ll also have other tasks, such as taking care of the rings and making sure everyone has a way home at the end of the night.

It might be worthwhile making a small list with everyone you need to remember and consult the groom on it.

Tasks like making sure the groom has the marriage license are important in running the wedding day as smoothly as possible. Take care of the small things so the groom can enjoy his day, he’ll really appreciate it.

4. Be The ‘Best’ Man

Make sure you’re on hand with what’s best for the groom. If he needs something sorted, offer to take care of it and team up with the groomsmen and bridesmaids if needed. If the wants to chat, be there.

Most of all, just be prepared.

Keep some mints on you and anything else the groom may want but overlook. Keep in mind what you’d want out of your best man if you were him.

By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press

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