5 Accessorising Tips To Perfect Your Wedding Outfit

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We are now well and truly into “wedding season” and whether you are a guest, mother of the bride or the groom, the excitement is mounting. Probably by now you have chosen your outfit and are thinking you deserve a breather – sorry ladies but not yet, because the next step is to accessorise.

Accessories define the occasion and can transform a little black dress (yes, the LBD is very acceptable for guests) from a basic outfit into a very stylish statement ensemble. Let’s cover the basic do’s and don’t’s of wedding accessorising to avoid any fashion dramas on the day!


Hats On

Beginning with the mother of the bride, it is fair to say that you play an important role in the wedding. With that in mind, comfort and confidence in wearing your hat is paramount. A lot of your time will be spent meeting and greeting guests and having photographs taken, so once your hat is on, you want to be able to forget about it and enjoy the occasion.

Try choosing a hat that will tilt slightly off the face because by doing so your photographs will not be spoiled by shadows across your face. Can’t resist that hat with a brim? The photographer will ask you tilt it back. Instead tilt your face slightly upwards as this is much more flattering. The only thing for the mother of the groom to consider when choosing her headpiece (apart from the above) is the tradition of not wearing a hat that will overshadow what the mother of the bride is wearing!


Fascinator Chic

Fascinators are a wonderful accessory to wear. They are an important piece in your overall look and they don’t necessarily have to be a colour match to your dress. For instance, if you decided to wear your little black dress, team it with a cerise fascinator and you have already given your look the ‘wow’ factor. Not into bright colours? Opt for an ivory or cream for a softer look. Fascinators are usually on a hairband or a clip to secure them, which makes them a more flexible choice in that they don’t mess up your hairdo and can be taken off and put on again very easily.


Bag It Up

Next up is whether to bag-or-clutch it. A small bag is very handy in that it can hang from your arm leaving your hands free to pour your mixer into your drink, for instance. Whereas with the clutch, it usually ends up tucked under your arm. Both are usually big enough to hold those items we can’t do without, for example make-up, cash and phone.


Mad About Shoes

Another vital part of your overall look is the shoes. These must be comfortable as well as stylish. Remember, you will probably be on your feet a lot during the day and dancing the night away, so you don’t want to end up carrying your shoes around due to sore feet. I know some girls who love to hit the dance floor carry a slightly larger bag in which they have a pair of comfy flats, for when the feet start to protest too much. Other than comfort and style, your shoes should match your bag – they do not necessarily have to match your hat.


Emrace The Glove

Gloves add an extra accent to your outfit with a very classy touch. Lace and satin are the most popular for weddings and come in a size range from wrist length to full opera style length. Your choice, of course, will depend on your outfit. Available in a wide range of colours, there are gloves for every occasion. Concerned about rings and bracelets? Simply wear them on the outside. Another option is fingerless gloves which are very versatile, as well as being so feminine and pretty. Whichever you choose, have fun and laughter in wearing it!

By Valerie Anderson, Excalibur Press


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