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5 Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Cake

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Couples are getting a little bit more adventurous when it comes to their wedding day. Whilst sticking to the tradition of having a ‘wedding cake’, a growing number of people are opting to have an alternative to the traditional three tiered sponge.
Not only does this allow you to personalise the cake a little more but if you’re going for something like cupcakes or donuts you can have a range of flavours, so there’ll be something to suit everyone at your reception.

Here are 5 alternatives:

1. Cheese Cake
When we say cheese cake we mean a cheese cake. It’s become a growing trend for people to replace the traditional wedding cake with a selection of artisan cheese wheels. Popular choices are stilton, brie, goats cheese and cheddar and most companies can advise you on a selection that compliment each other as well as the wine you are planning to serve. Some couples like the simplicity of the wheels simply tiered whilst others decorate the cheese cake with flowers or fruit such as figs and grapes. If you’re worried about any kids not liking the cheese cake you can also order a small chocolate cake just for them.
2. Decorative Donuts
The world of donuts has come on leaps and bounds since the day of the humble glazed donut. Gourmet donuts explore realms of flavours your taste buds often dream of. From Espresso flavoured to peanut butter filled, there is a donut filling to suit all ages and tastes. Each level of the ‘cake’ could be a different flavour for your guests to discover.
3. Cupcakes
Probably the most popular replacement for the traditional wedding cake would be hand crafted cupcakes. If you bring the colour scheme for your wedding along with you when you go to chat to the baker they can normally match your cupcakes to fit. You can come up with an original way to display your cupcakes or play it safe with the classic tiered display. Ask the company you are ordering from what display units they can provide, they may have some great ideas as well.
4. Cake Pops
Another unique idea for your big day is cake pops. A lot of couples opt for just the top tier of the cake, so they can still have that ‘cutting the cake’ moment on their big day but the tiers underneath are cake pops. Guests can come up and grab a ‘piece’ of cake mess and fuss free. Again you can have a range of flavours to suit young and old and your pops can be personalised to meet your theme and colour scheme.
5. Cake Table
Can’t decide if you want vanilla sponge or chocolate? Do you want a ginger cake but your worried not all the guests will like it? Maybe you and your partner have completely different taste and can’t decide. If so, don’t panic. Just have a cake table with a selection of smaller cakes for guests to choose from. You can choose from the humble apple pie to the more adventurous beetroot and chocolate. Whether you go rustic or elegant this is a great talking point and everyone gets the sweet treat they’ve been craving.

By Jennifer Warnock, Excalibur Press