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5 Beauty Item Essentials Needed On Your Wedding Day

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On your big day you want to do all you can to ensure that you look your radiant best. This is no easy task however, it involves hours of hard work getting ready as well as various check ups that everything is as it should be throughout the day. To make sure that you are glowing in your photos and you look amazing from morning to night we have compiled a list of five beauty items that are a must have on your wedding day.

1. Perfume

You will want to smell delightful throughout the course of your wedding day, especially as you walk down the aisle, which is why a quick spray of perfume before you go to say ‘I do’ is a must. At various points during the day you should pop to the ladies room for a quick top up, ideally using your favourite smelling or longest lasting perfume to ensure that you smell as good as you look.

2. Mascara (preferably waterproof!)

There are guaranteed to be tears flowing at different stages on your big day, and therefore mascara is a must have as the last thing you want is your makeup to be ruined when the floodgates start to open. Don’t be fooled into thinking one coat of ‘waterproof’ mascara will be able to withstand your tears for the whole day, it most certainly will not! It will do a better job than a normal mascara however, which is why having a waterproof mascara on hand for top up time after crying is essential.

3. Lipstick

An obvious choice really, a girl always needs to top their lipstick up, especially on their wedding day! From the various kisses you will bestow upon your significant other to your toast and consumption of your meal which follows your lipstick, no matter how many coats you originally put on will inevitably come off. This is why you must have one by your side and it must be reapplied every couple of hours to ensure your makeup looks fabulous from start to finish.

4. Hairspray/Hair Clips
No matter what hair look you are going for you need hairspray to ensure that your hair stays in place and looks great throughout the day. One coat, again, is simply not enough for it to stay in place, especially if you are planning to spend the night on the dance floor busting out all your best moves! Having a miniature hairspray on standby is therefore a must. For those who have had their hair curled or styled in an upstyle bun a few spare clips are necessary in case any fall out during the course of the day.

5. Concealer
The final must have beauty product, concealer is a no brainer which can fix almost any makeup
emergency. From smudging your makeup to the appearance of a nasty little spot, plenty could go wrong which is why it is great to have a concealer on hand to smooth out any issues. One  tip, if you’ve gone for a darker shade on your big day than your normal shade of concealer make sure that you have bought a concealer the right colour to the one you are wearing on the day. One final thing, make sure that these all fit in a small bag and that you have a reliable bridesmaid that you trust to carry around this bag of prized possessions throughout the day.