5 Celebrity Wedding Dress Disasters

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When it comes to fashion, we take inspiration from the designers and the catwalks. From your favourite High Street blazer, to your gorgeous Saturday night heels, as Miranda Priestly taught us all in The Devil Wears Prada, almost all style statements and trends filter down from the high end fashionistas. And wedding dresses are no different.

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most important fashion decisions you will ever make, which is why so many of us do a significant amount of research before deciding what to go for, and this often includes seeking inspiration from our favourite celebrities. Unlike the majority of us who have to look for designer copies, our celebrity idols get the real deal, which means their gowns for their Big Day should look stunning…but even they don’t get it right all of the time.

Here are five celebrity wedding dresses we recommend not to use for inspiration:

1. Katie Price

Love her or loathe her, Katie Price has a unique ability to pick awful wedding dresses. For her first marriage to Peter Andre, Katie wore a massive shocking pink, puffy, and sparkly number that was topped off with an over-sized crown. Her second wedding took place on a beach, which didn’t excuse the super simple yet barely there drop-hem number she wore, and her third wedding to Alex Reid involved a larger-than-life dress with a somewhat crumpled paper look.

2. Luisana Lopilato

You may not instantly recognise her by her name, but she’s the stunning Argentine actress and model who is married to none other than the delectable Michael Bublé. Not only did her dress do very little to flatter her amazing figure, but the style in general was more reminiscent of a toilet roll doily than a beautiful wedding gown.

Photo Credit: www.marieclaire.co.uk

3. Lady Mary Charteris

While everyone swooned over Kate Middleton’s dress when she was wed to Prince William, and her sister Pippa’s bridesmaid dress went down in history, the same can’t be said for Lady Mary Charteris. The IT girl, who is the daughter of Scottish peer James Charteris, the 13th Earl of Wemyss and 9th Earl of March, wore a very revealing dress with oddly placed cut-outs that has no place on a Saturday night out let alone a wedding.

Celebrity wedding dresses

Photo Credit: www.dailymail.co.uk

4. Emma Thompson

Loved by many for her roles as Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility and Karen in Love Actually, as well as her portrayal of everyone’s favourite childminder, Nanny McPhee, Emma Thompson’s wedding dress would have been more suited to her eccentric and quirky Harry Potter character, Professor Trelawney.

Photo Credit: luxurybrides.net

5. Julianne Moore

We’re all for Brides being more unique and individual in their wedding dress choices, and the use of colour rather than traditional white or ivory is becoming more and more popular. However, Julianne Moore’s lacklustre choice looks more like a dress from M&S that your great Aunt would wear to a summer BBQ. There’s keeping it simple and understated, and then there’s this.

Photo Credit: styleblazer.com

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press