5 Dress Trends That Have Been Walking The Aisle In 2019

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Like all fashion, trends for wedding dresses change with each season, however there are often strong themes which prevail over the year.

For 2019, we’ve identified some key elements that feature in many of the designer collections. These trends will make their way into bridal boutiques and dress shops up and down the country, before making their way up the aisles in ceremonies all over the UK.


The recurring theme for dresses seems to be ‘how low can you go?’ Necklines are plunging from a modest v-neck to a daring waist deep slash. This dip is often coupled with a contradictory and modest long-sleeve. Whatever the neckline, sleeves are back, and bare shoulders are gone.


Lace is everywhere this season. Wedding dresses of all shapes have been made entirely from lace, while others have used it as an embellishment, often over a sheer fabric. This trend is mostly seen on the long sleeve styles. However, many designs are incorporating a sheer bodice or skirt with lace overlay giving a risque twist to a traditionally demure fabric.

Shape and Structure

Meghan Markle’s Givenchy wedding dress is lending influence to this year’s trends in its use of impeccable tailoring and elegant lines. That aesthetic can be seen in the more figure-skimming designs in the designer collections, and in some asymmetrical bridal gowns that have premiered for 2019.

Another style that has crossed over from everyday fashion to bridal couture is the jumpsuit. Many collections have showcased trouser styles for bridal wear in their collections, offering more choice than ever to those who dare to be different.


The Royal wedding’s influence also shines on to bridal accessories, with tiaras fit for a princess on trend. For other jewellery, simple classic styles rule, with pearls making a sophisticated comeback.


White and ivory gowns will always be the most popular, but in 2019 there’s an opportunity for the bolder bride to make a statement with a fabulous range of dresses in strong colours, with designers featuring gowns and jumpsuits in beautiful metallic fabrics.