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5 Easy Ways To Help You Get In Shape For Your Wedding

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Lots of men and women seek out extreme diets to get in shape for their weddings, often making them miserable and unhealthy.

But slimming down and feeling comfortable in your body doesn’t have to be horrible – it can actually be great fun and an opportunity to get social and creative.

While dieting is the obvious choice and one that can be convenient for busy people, it’s important to really think about how you go about making a plan that will help you reach your goals as effectively as possible and making sure you’ll be happy throughout the process.

Here are 5 ideas to help you get in shape for your wedding:

1. Have Fun

Try a new sport or exercise class like ultimate Frisbee or Zumba.  Maybe you both like dancing, you could always sign up for a local class.  You’ll be so focussed on learning new skills that it will take your mind off the exercise and if you bring a few friends along it can become a social activity and a hobby rather than a chore.


2. Get Outdoors

This doesn’t have to be expensive as walking in the great outdoors is absolutely free! Find a spot of countryside and a long walk or hike to enjoy with your other half or friends and spend a weekend enjoying some scenic views. Not only will this help you burn some calories, but you’ll get some quality time with those you love and have an adventure.


3. Give Up The Booze

Alcohol is one of the worst wasted calories of all time, even if it’s just one glass of wine in the evening, so find yourself some healthier substitutes and make the switch. Making this change to your lifestyle can also help clear up your skin and make your overall health better. Plus, it’s easier to exercise when you haven’t got a hangover. Don’t forget that your limit will lower before the wedding if you aren’t drinking as much as normal.


4. Make A Balanced Meal Plan

Lots of time we fall out of shape due to not balancing our food groups and eating highly processed food that we can shove in the microwave when we’re too busy to cook. An easy way to get back in shape is to go online to find some new, exciting recipes, or ask your friends and family for their recommendations. Then balance your week and stick to a routine. Eating at the same time of day every day can also help you body’s digestion and therefore aid your metabolism.


5. Eat In

Make sure you’re making as much as your food as possible yourself from home. That way you’ll be able to rid yourself of any unwanted chemicals or calories often found when eating out. Even shop-bought snacks can be high in fat, salt and sugar. Likewise, restaurant portions can sometimes be larger than what you would eat at home. This is a great chance to invite your friends over for an evening in.


By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press

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