5 Fab Wedding Photography Trends That Are Taking Pinterest By Storm

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If you are Instagram lover or just want some unique snaps for your wedding album. Here’s some ideas of popular trends to consider:

1. Smoke Screens

A very popular style of photography that can be seen all over the internet at the minute, is using smoke grenades or coloured smoke bombs for wedding photoshoots. These give a really dramatic and edgy look to any photograph and are certainly different to what people will have seen before. This style is perfect for a bride who doesn’t want traditional photographs and instead wants to opt for an ‘Insta-worthy’ shot to share with friends.

2. Rustic Woodlands

If you are opting for a laidback bohemian style wedding, rustic woodland shots could be the way to go. Usually paired with lots of flowers from the wedding or a floral headpiece these shots can look amazing.  A simple field or woodland area can be the perfect place for this style of photographer. This could be something to consider when booking your venue.

3. Sparklers

A new trend in night time wedding photography sparklers have become very popular. Especially if your wedding is outdoors these can work very well and allow your guests to be part of a memorable photo. You can have sparklers that leave a trail where you can write something or even just have them pointing at the bride and groom. A ‘sparkler send-off’ has become a popular addition to many weddings where the bride and groom leave through an arch of sparklers created by the guests.

4. Sunset Shots

Sunset shots are gorgeous and are very romantic, however they need to be carefully planned. Consider what season your wedding is in and what time the sun will be setting at. Also consider if there is somewhere close to the reception venue to get these shots. If you can capture the perfect sunset, these photos can look amazing. Talk to your photographer about the possibility of capturing one.

5. Bride Squad Pics

Whilst the wedding might be all about you and your partner, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some cute shots with your bridesmaids. The getting ready photo with bridesmaids has become very popular. Whilst you might be nervous and excited for your wedding, the getting ready photos have become more popular and you should consider them an essential for your day. Especially as it’s something for all your bridesmaids to keep to remember your big day. You can get matching robes for all your bridesmaids for a cute post wedding picture.