5 Ideas For A Greatest Showman Inspired Wedding

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The Greatest Showman was a run-away success in 2018, with the box office performance, DVD sales, and original movie soundtrack – as well as the subsequent “reimagined” soundtrack – smashing all sorts of records. Inspired by the real-life story of P. T. Barnum and the Barnum & Bailey Circus, the movie has become a modern classic, well-loved by people across all generations.

If you’re as addicted to the incredible movie and songs as we are, you might want to think about incorporating some of the key themes into your big day. Here are five ideas to get you started:

Source: IMDB

1. The Venue

Transform your venue into something spectacular with the use of theatrical drapes lit from behind by fairy lights, hang vintage-inspired and customised circus posters from the walls, roll out a red carpet, hire a theatre-style photo booth, and think of some simple, but effective, décor options that can help to add drama to your celebrations.

Greatest Showman

Source: IMDB

2. The Clothes

Unless you want an all-out themed wedding (and really, the “costume” options are endless), think of subtle ways you can give a nod to the old-school circus vibe – for the gents think of a top and tails suit, and for the ladies – go with an elaborate head-piece for the all-important “wow” factor!

3. The Entertainment

If you have the budget and really want to impress, you could look at hiring a trapeze act, acrobats, fire artists, or other forms of creative showmanship that will add a touch of something magical to your day.

Source: IMDB

4. The Invite

Hint toward your theme with either a vintage circus poster inspired invitation, or how about a circus-inspired admission ticket? Carry the look and feel through to some of your stationary on the day, such as ceremony programmes, menus, seating plans, and other items of decoration.

5. The Music

The music from The Greatest Showman was nothing short of superb. Some songs would work wonderfully well as a first dance song (A Million Dreams), while others make for excellent and poignant songs for drinks, entertainment, and special moments – like the last song of the night (The Greatest Show, or Come Alive).

The music from the movie has amazing lyrics, so why not use elements of those in typography for your décor – “why don’t we rewrite the stars?”, “You set off a dream in me”, and “dreaming with your eyes wide open” are three favourites.

Of course, if you’re a super-fan, you could always take it a step further…


By Rachel Doherty