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5 Jobs A Father Of The Bride Can Do

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There are endless little jobs that need to be done on your wedding day. You have a team of people available to help you, so have a think before the big day and delegate certain jobs to your loved ones – they’ll usually be happy to help, and it makes them feel more involved and a part of the celebrations.

When it comes to delegating jobs to the Father of The Bride, make sure you give him enough notice if lifts etc. are involved, and try to talk a few weeks before your wedding date to avoid any stressful surprises.

Here’s 5 jobs a Father of the Bride can get involved in:

father of the bride

1. Transport

It is traditionally the job of the father to ensure the bride gets to the church on time – why not extend this role to helping you choose the transportation as well? This role normally falls under the duties of the groom. Asking the father of the bride to help not only provides a valuable second opinion, it also allows for some bonding time together.

2. Your Right-Hand Man in the Final Week

The final week in the run up to your wedding day is always a little hectic. There are so many little jobs that need doing, things that need collecting and confirmed. Why not enlist the help of your Dad in these final days? Obviously, your hubby-to-be will be helping you as well, but never underestimate what a difference an extra pair of hands make to your stress levels.

3. Entertaining Guests

It’s quite difficult to make time for all of your guests at your wedding and not everyone will know each other. Your time will be taken up by lots of small things, not to mention your wedding photographer. Why not ask your dad to make sure everyone is mingling okay? If they see someone or a few people finding it hard to join in, your Dad could introduce them to others and make them feel included.

4. DJ Dad

Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting you get your Dad to jump on the ‘wheels of steel’ and become your wedding DJ, but you and your father will have a dance together so why not let him select the song for it? This will give him a chance to choose a special song that means something to both of you. You could even brush up on a few dance lessons together before the big day. That way you both get to spend some quality time together.

5. Time Keeper

If you haven’t hired a wedding co-ordinator it can be quite difficult to make sure everything is running to schedule. You don’t need to over work your Pops but give him a list of the day’s proceedings and what time everything is meant to be happening. Ask him to just keep an eye on the time and if he sees that something is running over, to either hurry it along or make you and your new hubby aware.

By Jennifer Warnock, Excalibur Press