5 Live Music Options For Your Wedding Day

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One important aspect of wedding planning is your choice of music. Not only does it create ambience, entertainment and a sense of personalisation, live music is one thing that brings people and events together. Aside from the typical DJ set, there are many live alternatives that can add to the energy of your day, whether it’s for guests on arrival, during the ceremony or at the reception.

Check out these 5 alternative music ideas for your big day:

1. Classical

For a truly heavenly, sophisticated atmosphere, live classical performers are perfect for weddings. Depending on the size of the affair and your budget, you can choose from a solo harpist or cellist, to a whole orchestra. Consider asking the musicians to play a combination of timeless pieces and classical versions of contemporary songs, if you want to keep things relevant.

2. Acoustic acts

An acoustic guitarist and/or vocalist can bring a really intimate, indie-folk vibe to your ceremony or reception. The lighter sounds won’t overpower the room, so your guests can chat without being drowned out and still enjoy beautiful, acoustic versions of their favourite songs in the background.

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3. Local bands

Researching local bands to play at your wedding is a great idea for couples on a smaller budget. New and unsigned musicians will generally charge a lot less to play, and there is always a treasure trove of unseen talent in the most unsuspecting places!

4. Traditional music

Depending on you and your partner’s cultural and religious backgrounds, you may wish to include traditional music in your day. Whether it’s Irish trad, Scottish bagpipes, African drumming or Hindu chanting, live traditional acts are ideal for bringing a unique and vibrant feel to your wedding.

5. Rock band

Looking for something with a bit more punch? Thrill your guests with a high-energy rock band who will be guaranteed to get everyone on their feet. Find the right band to suit your style – a classic rock act will be great fun for most age ranges, or choose punk or heavy metal if you want to go full festival style! (Just be mindful that your grandparents may not be impressed!)

By Abby Williams, Excalibur Press