5 Pros And 5 Cons For Having Children At The Wedding

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Children are a blessing to every family, they are super cute from day one and say the funniest things. On top of this, as they discover the world it might feel like you are rediscovering it with them, and that is very special. At the same time, all children have their moments and sometimes it can feel like their sole purpose in life is to work against you, especially if they are in a bad mood. On a day you have tried to plan to perfection there can be no room for these tantrums…

Here are a few pro’s and con’s to having children at your wedding:


Pro no. 1 – They are super cute!

How can you resist tiny little suits for tiny little men? Or tiny little flower girls with their cute ringlets and bouquets! They will have everyone gushing at them from the second they walk through the door.

Pro no. 2 – Everything is more entertaining

I couldn’t help but notice the children carrying Meghan Markle’s dress and the excitement in their expressions! Children just have a way of making everything more fun, and even more so at a wedding, as this day will be a special one for them too! They have probably told their whole school and counted down the days. You can’t help but smile with them as you share their excitement.

Pro no. 3 – They can add something special to your day

By singing a special song, or performing a dance, reciting a poem, carrying your dress or being the ring bearer, there are countless ways children can make everything suddenly a thousand times cuter and super romantic all at once!

Pro no. 4 – Their confidence brings people to the dance-floor

We’ve all been to events where children have just adored the music and the dance-floor, and more often than not, it is their passion for dancing that encourages all the big grownups to let down their hair and have some fun themselves!

Pro no. 5 – Their wedding day hype keeps the wedding excitement alive for that bit longer…

Let’s face it, they will be telling just about anyone who is willing to listen about your day many weeks after everyone else has gotten back to their daily routine.



Con no. 1 – Noise

Children don’t have the best reputation for being quiet when you need them to be.

Con no. 2 – Accidents can happen

When the children get into a zone of excitement-induced hype, there is always a risk of something getting broken… including themselves!

Con no. 3 – You may need to consider additional entertainment

This is more of a financial limitation but an important one to consider if you want to keep little ones occupied all day.

Con no. 4 – Having to keep things child-friendly

There will be no dirty dancing, swear words, excessive drinking or dirty jokes until those kids are in bed!

Con no. 5 – They will require constant supervision

This means it is a MUST that someone is designated to care for the kids and keep them preoccupied at times when they must behave, such as during the ceremony. Whether this be through I-Pad, bribery, separate entertainment or threats of going home early, do what you have to do to keep those kids happy if there is any risk to your wedding bliss.

By Claire Louise McBride, Excalibur Press