5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Wedding Theme

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The theme of your wedding should reflect the love and interests of both the bride and groom and needs to be decided at the start of planning your wedding as it will influence every decision from the style of the dress to the design of the table plan.
If you have a particular passion, such as movies, music, or everything 1920s then choosing the theme and building your wedding around it, but if you don’t know where to start, here’s some questions to ask yourself.
What does your dream wedding look like? 
When you think of your dream wedding what does it look like? Is it a traditional, romantic affair with white lace and wisteria, a sun-drenched beach in a silk gown, or a rustic outdoor event in a country garden? Make a list of things you love and build your theme around them.
What are your favourite styles when it comes to outfits and accessories?
Look at how you dress usually, are you conservative or bold when it comes to fashion choices? Is your style influenced by your musical tastes, or are you into retro styles? Is there an opportunity to build your theme around your tastes in fashion or influences?
Is there a special memory that connects you both?
Whether it’s the band you went to see on your first date, a special holiday destination, or the first flowers you received, think of something that signifies your relationship and build your theme around it.
What connects you and your partner at the spiritual level?
Is there something you both have an interest in or passion for (aside from each other!)? It could be some adventure sport or interest, or as simple as the love for music. If you have such common interests, try and incorporate the elements that will reflect the special connection that you share through this hobby in your wedding theme.
Do you love to try new things?
The love for new things could be implemented in your wedding theme just right. Go for something bold and unique that reflects your sense of adventure from colour choices, ceremony location, or food choices. Do you have a love of theme parks or extreme sports? Look at ways to incorporate these into your theme.
Your wedding theme would reflect in groomsmen, bridesmaid dresses, invitation cards, the decor even. If you are having a hard time settling for a specific theme, look around and take some inspiration from social media and wedding magazines.