5 Secrets To Becoming A “Cool” Bride

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There is nothing more unforgivably annoying than a crazed bridezilla who thinks a Princess Diana meringue dress and an ice sculpture inspired by the Titanic are good ideas.

It may be your big day but unfortunately weddings are all about a lot of other people enjoying themselves and having a good knees up as well so to ensure they have a jubilant time in celebration of your love it’s important to think about them.

Here are 5 ways to be a cool bride who is not consumed with wedding hysteria:

1. Perfect Nonchalance

One secret to being a chilled out bride is to affect a degree of easy nonchalance where possible and make sure you don’t lord it over your bridesmaids as though they were irrelevant hand maidens.

Remember this is a wedding not an exercise in you turning into a dictator obsessed by flower arrangements and party favours.

2. Remember The Groom

Don’t forget that this day is just as much about your darling groom as it is about you. Brides often harp on about how the whole wedding day
is about them being made to feel and look like a princess but….hello….there is more to your big day than you turning into a Disney-esque heroine in a veil.

Always keep in mind that the big day is about two people embarking on a new journey together.

3. Think About Your Guests

Do all you can to make your guests enjoy themselves by really thinking about the food, music and venue in terms of what will best suit both their requirements and yours.

You want to have a good time so focus on setting your guests up for a brilliant bash – let the wine and champagne flow in honour of all those who have turned out to support you and your new husband.

4. The Waiting Game

Don’t keep everyone waiting for six hours before you walk up the aisle or for half the day while you get thousands of terribly over-posed photographs. By all means keep him waiting at the altar for half an hour but anymore is rude and insulting to your waiting congregation who will grow restive. If you must get reams and reams of photographs, keep them natural and laid back – nothing says cool like understatement.

Ensure guests are kept well fed and watered as you pose. The best weddings are those were everybody is liberated to have a good time without overdoing all the pomp and ceremony.

5. Don’t Be Predictable

Seriously, do you need to have a first dance to those cheesy songs by Eric Clapton, Boyz II Men, Robbie Williams or the Goo Goo Dolls – it’s easy to think about those songs you love but sit down with your partner and seriously consider a song that means more than just a good song that you like.  Try to pick something that will bring you happy, funny or heartfelt memories in the future.  Don’t forget you’re making memories to last a lifetime.

I’m not sure there’s ever an excuse for waltzing awkwardly to absolutely any part of Eric Clapton’s back catalogue.

By Jo McCann, Excalibur Press