5 Summer Wedding Trends Of 2019 That Will Definitely Inspire You

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Summertime means wedding time. Obviously, you have got a lot to plan, but it doesn’t mean that you should necessarily stick with the typical seasonal wedding traditions. There are plenty of cool and trendy ideas to help inspire your planning and arrange the perfect summer celebration.

As you rack your brain for ideas, consider these 5 unique summer wedding trends:

1. Gather Everyone Under The Sun

Nobody wants to stay all cooped up during summer. In fact, the one thing that makes summer weddings so exciting is the fun of getting outside under the warm sun. Nevertheless, unlike the classic summer themes such as a beach or garden, you can go for something personal to you as a couple. Where is your favourite summer hangout? Is it a cabin in the woods, or a rustic barn? If yes, plan for a mountain, or a pastoral theme. Personalise your theme, and bring everyone out in the warm weather for your big day.

2. Bring In Those Wildflowers

Usually, people love to use flowers that blossom in the spring for every wedding. Though these flowers are unquestionably dazzling, they may not be seasonally appropriate and cost-effective when it comes to a summer wedding.
Turn towards a more eco-friendly kind of decoration and choose wildflower over the traditional choices. The wildflowers, when packed together into a brightly coloured bunch, add in a decorative punch. What’s more, the wild-looking bouquet always looks stunning in the bride’s hands.

3. The Summer Wedding Cake

White wedding cakes are pretty much popular for every season. But, with bakers these days offering a wide array of delectable flavours and fillings, it would be a shame to not pick a seasonal selection. What are the summer flavours you enjoyed the most as a child? Based on your preferences, you could go for a strawberry shortcake-style cake filled with whipping cream, or a vanilla cake with orange-vanilla buttercream. You could also use seasonal fruits to dress up the cake. Nonetheless, don’t just stop at the cake, but consider serving other desserts as well. A hit idea would be to hire an ice-cream truck to offer cooling summertime treats.

4. Dresses That Dance With The Wind

Summer in many regions of the world, especially the Midwest, is hot and humid. Thus, no bride or bridesmaid would want to rock a silk and satin dress during a July wedding. All thanks to the designers, there are some subsequent styles highlighting light and airy fabrics and less restricting fits. These flowy dresses are mainly seen in light pink, pastel yellow and baby blue colours. However, you could either choose from the two-tone colour schemes or forego colour schemes to add an edge to the designs.

5. Ditch Those Round Tables

Round tables, formal dining wear, and food stations are all traditional styles that are way too common in the world. How about spicing up your summer wedding by incorporating an outdoor picnic theme into it? For instance, you could arrange a buffet, where food carts with dishes would be lined along the banquet server. Guests would be seated at long rectangular tables which will give the wedding a more social and family orientated quality.

As you are making your final decisions, keep an eye out for all the trends you like and the ones that you don’t this coming summer season. Take note and incorporate the inspiration into your own plans before you head down the aisle as a summer princess.