5 Things To Consider For An Outdoor Wedding

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Without question weddings are hard to plan, no matter how big or how small! There are just a few extra things to consider when having a wedding outdoors.

Of course, that depends on where you’re outdoor wedding is set to take place – if you are traveling to Hawaii, for example, then you can skip past a few of these following points.

Here are 5 things to think about when planning an outdoor wedding:

outdoor wedding


Backup plan

With the recent beast from the east and snow fall in March, it is more apparent than ever that one cannot predict the weather! As a precaution, we recommend being close to an indoor back up venue for your wedding.

Dress warm

When weather is unpredictable and four seasons in one day is possible, it might be a good thing to consider dressing up warm with the option of removing clothes, rather than take the risk.


Bring multiple pairs of shoes

Whether you are standing on the beach or beside a waterfall in the middle of the woods, you must bring more than one pair of shoes. You cannot wear heels in sand or muck, and depending on the weather you may even need to consider back up wellies!

The dress

To avoid trailing mud around and having a mucky dress all day, consider either a removable train or ¾ length shirt, or even more than one dress. This way you can look good all day!

Kids being kids

Children may also need a change of clothes. At an outdoors wedding, kids are bound to enjoy a game or two with each other, and anything can happen to their outfits once that starts!


Hard to hear

One thing many couples have learned is that outdoor music always needs to be amplified, otherwise the sound will just get lost. For this reason, you may need to consider a portable PA system so that you can park your sound wherever you want without the issue of electricity.

Microphones for vows

As mentioned before, sound easily gets lost outside so it might be useful to consider microphones for vows, just to ensure that everyone can hear.



Just a thought… what if bugs invade your incredible buffet? It might be an idea to include lids on the food to protect guests from a bug sandwich or two.

Food temperature

Does your choice of food need to be kept warm while waiting for guests to arrive? Or will it be taken in and out from a nearby kitchen? Food for thought…


Method of transport

Will you be driving on a beach? Or will there be any possibility of a vehicle getting stuck in the mud? What about the other guests? Where will they park? Would it be easier to collect everyone from an agreed point of collection to limit parking issues?

Far to travel?

Are you considering marriage in the middle of nowhere? Consider a near-by hotel for easiness and convenience on the day.

Written by Claire Louise McBride