5 Things To Consider When Bringing Live Animals To Your Wedding

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From releasing doves, your hubby arriving dressed as a knight on a horse, a pig delivering your rings or a groom’s dog arriving as his best man – when it comes to animals at your wedding, the sky is literally the limit.

So, for whatever activity you have planned, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to including animals on your big day:

1. Keep guests and animals/pets separated until necessary

This is just for practicalities. Whatever role you have designated for your animal(s)/pet(s) it will be hard to expect them to be still or quiet when you want them to, nor to keep themselves and guests clean. It might be best to designate someone who won’t mind missing out on the service to cater for the animal outside of the event until needed.

2. Stick to trained animals

This might seem like an obvious one. However, expecting your animal to do what you want on the day will be impossible if the animal doesn’t do exactly as they are instructed, therefore the person in charge of the animal should have a good bond already to work with them, and a confidence that they can control the animal on the day.

3. Practice beforehand

This is imperative for the day to run smoothly. It is also important that when practising, the animal gets a realistic feel for what it will be like on the day, after all, if the animal performs perfectly with just you, it is still possible that the same animal may freak out when there are suddenly loads of people watching or they’re in an unfamiliar environment, and things may not go as you thought. This all depends of course on what you have envisioned for your big day, and on the particular animal you have selected.

4. Respect your animals and don’t keep them restrained for too long

It might be an idea to keep them close by until you need them, but once their duties are over to allow them to go back home where they can return to their daily routine.


5. Back up outfits

This, again, all depends on who will be working with the animal and of course, if you are expecting your animal to dress up too! An overenthusiastic dog can destroy a beautiful outfit in a matter of minutes, so it might be an idea to have more than one outfit at the ready.

By Claire Louise McBride, Excalibur Press