5 Things To Remember When Buying A £3 Wedding Dress From eBay

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Everybody knows weddings are expensive investments. Cut backs, sacrifices and compromises are all part of the package deal, so it is only natural to be curious when you come across a wedding dress on eBay that looks sensational, but only costs a mere £3.11.

Here are a few tips you should know about buying a wedding dress from eBay:

1. Give yourself plenty of time

Never depend on a dress you have ordered for this price to arrive exactly as you have ordered it, or to arrive on time. You should ALWAYS purchase your dress more than 6 months in advance as delivery can take months, and on arrival your dress might be an absolute disaster.

2. Your dress might be PERFECT

I can personally testify that I have seen two friends of mine get married in their inexpensive eBay dresses. They even had the dress made to fit their exact measurements. There were of course additional delivery costs which were pricey, and it does take some time to arrive, but it was exactly what they ordered. And yes, they did look incredible on their wedding day!


3. Be cautious of the material

I remember once purchasing a beautiful red vintage dress with a heart shape neckline and it had only cost four or five pounds. On arrival, it didn’t look as amazing as the online picture, but it still looked nice, so I decided to iron it and get ready for the party. However, as soon as the iron touched the dress the heat instantly burned a hole right through the material! Always have a back-up plan, ladies.

4. Check sizing

Many people who have ordered an eBay wedding dress have also been required to send their own measurements in to the dress maker. This is an extremely crucial factor, and it is easy to be caught out! Our usual UK size rules don’t apply to Chinese size charts and their sizing tends to be completely different. To avoid disappointment, thoroughly check sizing before making your purchase.

5. Consider buying more than one dress

Since these dresses don’t cost much, consider buying more than one! This way, on the basis that your dress does not arrive in the condition you hoped, you have a backup plan for any accidental emergencies.

By Claire Louise McBride, Excalibur Press